Newbie here, looking to slowly get serious.

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Sep 24, 2019
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Greenville, SC
Thanks! It's a weird approach for sure. There's a common thread of "don't go into it as a business because it will ruin your hobby," but it's never actually *been* a hobby, so I'm approaching it from a different angle.

With that said, I want to do it as safely and healthily as possible. It seems like there could be "coral mills" just like there are "puppy mills," but I want to make sure I take great care of anything I grow.

I grew up farming, over the years we had cows, pigs, geese, goats, cows, horses... So I've always wanted to farm something, but I'm more of a computer geek than the tractor geek that my dad was, and so the idea of being able to build a farm AND build a business AND be part of what is basically a global crowd-sourced science project to figure out how to grow and heal coral reefs?

Who could say no to that?
Growing we had a dairy farm in Upstate NY. Then my Dad got into breeding pigs. He loved his pigs. We also had beefers, chickens, a goat, a dogs lol. My husband and I had some Dairy goats for a little while as well. I have always loved animals. My husband wanted to breed clownfish, but we were going to start out breeding guppies lol. We found an amazing deal on an already established clownfish breeding setup, and that started my love for the saltwater hobby. Now we are setting up a coral farm lol.
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