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Newly Available: Easier Shopping With Financing and Split Pay Options at UniqueCorals.com


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Nov 23, 2006
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Los Angeles
We know sometimes it's just easier to pay for purchases over time. That's why Unique looked high and low to find you the best financing options.

We are very excited to share with you, these amazing financing options are now live! You just need a mobile phone #, and enter you name, and in just a couple of steps, you have your financing options available to you. You will easily qualify for 6 months at 0%, 12 months at 0%, or choose the 24 months option with a low financing %. The soft credit check do NOT impact your credit score, even if you re-apply many times a day. You'll also have the choice of Split Pay, which divides the charge into equal payments on your credit card with NO financing charges or fee.

These are absolutely the best financing options available today for the reef hobbyist, or for any consumer for that matter.

Just shop as normal, when you add items to your cart, underneath the "Purchase" button, you'll see the financing button. Simply click on it to see what options are available to you.

You can apply here before you shop to see what shopping budget you are working with.

All your purchases will be managed in your personal Bread Dashboard.

Here a quick FAQ to further clarify.

And with every purchase you still get UC shopping rewards! It's a win win win.

Happy Reefing!


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