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Apr 29, 2016
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Hello everyone! Thanks to @mdbannister the Ocala Reef Club now has a spiffy banner and a private forum that you can add by requesting to join the user group Ocala Reef Club.

To do this - I recommend doing it on the website (mobile or desktop):
1 - Go to/select your user name in the top navigation bar
Step 1.JPG

2 - In the right column, go down to Join User Group
Step 2.JPG

3 - Scroll down to Ocala Reef Club (Private)
4 - Request to join
Step 3.JPG

Once approved you will be able to access the new private forum and the banner will appear under your username with your posts.

For some of you that may be new, in your reason for request, please also include your name.

For now the moderators will be:

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