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Oregan Tort, splatter Hammers, frog spawn and Rampage Chalice large pieces. Local Pick up only

Item Price
$20 - $100
Selling Terms Of Service
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  1. YES I agree and I understand that as a seller I may not ask for payment through platforms that do not offer buyer’s protection.
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Travis Warren

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Feb 12, 2018
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I have read and agree with R2R selling terms.

I am doing local pick up only in Temecula, CA.

I have several large frags of my Oregan Tort, large 2 -4 heads of hammers and large JF Rampage Chalice.

Hammers - $20 per head
Frog Spawn - $20 per head
Oregan Tort - large pieces $80, Small to medium $50.
Jf Rampage - $40 for small frag and $60 for large frags.
Unknown chalice - $25 per frag
Pm for more information or to buy


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