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Orphek Atlantik v4 (Please Read)

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Jun 22, 2019
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Hello All, Im looking to sell my Orphek. I bought the older Atlantik v4 gen 2 off a fellow reefer then i bought the Upgrade Control System Kit from orphek so you can control it from the Orphek Icon app. lastly Ive used the light for about a year. The only flaws are there is i think a channel not working because the same leds on both sides aren’t working and the 1 led is missing a cap. Ive used the light for a little over a year and havent had any problems, coral growth was fantastic. The only reason im selling is I bought 2 radion xr30’s. You can buy a new led board and caps from orphek which are both very easy to install. Im looking to get $400 local for it. Possibly shipping if not too far. Any other questions just ask!

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