PABCOM error

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Mar 20, 2016
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Do you have a singelest idea how the chain go through the dosers - which is first int that run? Are you able to see the logos. In a chain - the first that not light up is probably the reason or - the line into it - or the PAB outlet from the last that is lighted up. But this you probably know already.

I had to dive deeper in this because it would be very surprising if everything was a lottery

In my system they are clearly sorted by serial number - not connection by the order in the chain.


In my system I´m able to follow the chains - I did that and I found a logic.

However you have to figure out which of the two P4 PAB your doser use. Look at the backside of the P4. What I name chain 1 is the lower port and chain 2 is the upper. Open the window there you assign the devices - here you find the logic. I show from GCC because it gives a better view - but it is the same order in the web interface


If you know the starting device in each chain - I think you can figure out where you have the problem- At least in my system is it this way.

Hope this help you

Sincerely Lasse


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Jan 19, 2022
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Thanks Lasse!

I was able to fix the problem by unplugging and plugging back in some of the cables. I don't know what caused the problem in the first place. Your technique will only work once all devices are back talking to each other. And I don't see a way to match the serial numbers with the physical devices other than by looking at the serial numbers at the bottom of the devices. But I've started documenting my devices and the linking order in a spreadsheet, so that will be useful to me when this problem happens again.

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