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    Hi Everyone, I am new to reefing and started a 220gallon reef tank. It is still cycling but Nitrates, Nitrites, Amonia and Phosphates are zero. I am battling some brown algae but it is not out of hand. My calcium is at 450 and alkalinity is in good shape but slightly on the low end. My problem is that my PH will not go above 7.85 a and does not fall below 7.7. I would like to get it between 8.0 and 8.2. My tank is on the first floor of my house and has a canopy. The sump is in the basement. The house is airtight. I tried using a buffer called 8.4 and it raised it but not a lot. I then tried running a 4 foot line from the skimmer outside but that did not raise the PH. I was thinking of trying the Seachem Marine Buffer. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

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    Buffers are never the best answer, and usually end up with alk too high.

    This has more on pH issues:

    pH And The Reef Aquarium
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