Possum Wrasse Penthouse: IM 50 Lagoon EXT Build

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Nov 10, 2022
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North Georgia
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FTS 5/21/24

NO3 5
PO4 0.1
KH 8
Sal 36 ppt (bit higher than I'm aiming for)
Ca 365
Mg 1035

Still fighting the hair algae battle but it doesn't seem to be regrowing much! Need to get back in there and do some more manual removal, I've pulled off most of the 'fun' stuff (turf algae) and the remaining hair algae is not nearly so satisfying to pull :grinning-face-with-sweat:

My pistol shrimp had dug an opening right front and centre (below the nem rock) but she'd closed it up when all the algae was there. I was disappointed since it offered a really good view of her (and hopefully future fishy partner) but since trimming the "front lawn" she's opened it back up! She snatched a whole frozen mysis that drifted over there today.

My ricordea has started splitting this week which is exciting; I've had it since Sept '21 and in all that time it's never split, just grown ridiculously big (despite having 2 mouths the entire time). I have to say, I like how big it was, so I hope it doesn't keep splitting too much now, although I'm looking forward to having 2. Interestingly the big part still has 2 mouths visible so I'm guessing it had a third mouth I hadn't noticed?

Fishes finally seem to be getting along with (almost) no tail wagging; I see them near each other quite often. Hoping to pick up the shrimp gobies next but my LFS hasn't gotten them in in a few weeks; fingers crossed for this Friday!

Ordered a magnesium supplement from BRS and got that mixed up Friday; finally got it set up on the auto doser today. I must have gotten a bad bag of salt when I set this tank up because it's had weirdly low alk/Ca/Mg from the very start. Trying to bring it up from 1030 to somewhere around 1350ish.

I've been dealing with some microbubbles in the display the last few days which is irritating... I held off on adding the skimmer until it was broken in to avoid this and I haven't even actually put it in yet! Not sure where they're coming from either; I can't actually see any in the sump compartments but I assume they must be.
The @IOAOI skimmer seems really nice so far, super happy with how quiet it is, although I haven't gotten it to stop making microbubbles in the testing bucket yet... Maybe the water is too clean for it to break in properly?

I'll wrap up with a couple photos of my favia from this week that I think came out nicely :) I need to break out the real camera again sometime and see if I can figure out the macro lens but for now the cellphone will have to do!
The photos turned out nicely! Glad to see you are on the uphill battle with the dreaded green hair algae haha


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Aug 12, 2020
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Lake Worth
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Wow, gorgeous tank!!! I love all your softies. How do your wrasses get along together?

Thank you!
Thanks I got 4 wrasses (pink streak, yellow coris, yellow banded and tanaka) they get along great! No fights at all.. last one in was the tanaka- the yellow banded at first was very curious and display a bit of flaring and odd body behavior but never really attacked.. 2 wks later they cruise together. Other tank mates - convict blenny, 2 spot blenny, green clown goby, tomini, yellow watchman, peppermint shrimp, fire shrimp and skunk! Very peaceful tank.. best saltwater community tank I’ve had to date! All those get along fine

How much do you care about having a display FREE of wires, pumps and equipment?

  • Want it squeaky clean! Wires be danged!

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  • A few things are ok with me!

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  • No care at all! Bring it on!

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