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Radion XR30 G5 Blue (3)

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Nov 16, 2018
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Celina, TX
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Tank is being broke down. I have (3) Radion XR30 G5 Blue available. Includes light fixture, power supply, and original box.

I will include the RMS kit for each light

$500 each shipped or all 3 for $1425 shipped.

Located in North Dallas, TX - local pickup or shipping available.

B19B069B-663B-45EE-82E8-A56483196A97.jpeg B9C0D6EA-0198-48EC-A2A6-4FFBBF8C4878.jpeg 6E94FFE6-0B1F-4233-9D2A-5BB007F956F8.jpeg 431092F1-329E-4F04-98C5-8BEA977E23A7.jpeg 73E91DE2-5973-428F-8D11-6485395EE541.jpeg 4DE3DD78-A420-4E5F-B202-48DAA11F1518.jpeg 570CB01B-A378-444F-A472-287B359C9DE5.jpeg 209E8C12-18C8-4E21-877B-BB37FA428498.jpeg 6A493834-5B84-4967-9919-68318481F299.jpeg DDF8AE37-56BC-4D24-B581-7C6A9D56AB13.jpeg
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