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Aug 9, 2020
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Guys - Finally my Build Thread.

Who I am - Myself Prasath Murugan and my Wifey Nindiya Chandran, From Virginia NOVA region. Originally from India where Corals are Banned:( We both work in IT for living.

How did i get into this Hobby - 2018 December, we both went to Hawaii - Oahu and Maui. That's when got attracted to Corals and Marine life. My life turning point i should say. Snorkeled in the waters of Oahu and Maui to see a paradise which i never seen prior. You know what? i have seen. Where? Netflix:):):):)

Fast Forward to May 2019 - On my birthday my wife asked me if i should start a Marine Tank. I was like oh yeah. Why would i say no:) :) when wife asks you to spend money then you never say no:):) That's when i got my Red Sea Reefer 350 and untill now its a great hobby i continue to do so.

Unfortunately i was not aware of Reef2Reef untill Aug 2020, so i couldn't take picture of my build so i am going to post all my picture from what i have from the start of this Dream build untill now. Will update by build thread regularly going forward.

My Tank and Equipment's
Red Sea Reefer 350
Red Sea RSK 600 Skimmer
Auqamaxx GFO Reactor
Apex COR 20 Return Pump
Red Sea ReefWave 45
Red Sea ReefWave 25
Eheim Heater 300W - Master
Fluval Heater 200W - Slave
Apex 2016 Controller
DOS|DDR - For Calcium / Alk
DOS|DDR - For Mag / Amino
Live Rock/Life Rock Setup
Red Sea DIY Cover

Live Stock
2 Yellow Tang - Both 4" Been 1.5 Years now
1 Hippo Tang - New Addition
1 Sunburst Anthias - New Addition
1 HawkFish - 5 Months
1Christmas Wrasse - 1 Year
2 Ocellaris Clown - 1.5 Year
1 Darwin Clown - 1.5 Years
1 Yellow Watchman - New Addition

Pulsing Xenia
Green Hair Mushrooms
Brain Coral - WWC
Bubble Tip Anemone - 4 Splits
2 Large Neon Green Octospwan Colony Each 20+ heads
1 Large Purple Tip Hammer Colony - 15+ heads
Hammer - 3 Heads
Frogspawn - 3 Colony
Bubble coral - 2 Large
Green Goniopora
Red with Purple Goniopora
Purple Stylo
Rainbow Pocci
Green Stylo
Myagi Tort

In Quarantine
Fluval 32 Tank
Fluval Skimmer
Fluval Heater
PVC Pipes

Life Stock
1 SailFin Tang
1 Fox Face

I am Vlogger as well so i do YouTube video's in my native language Tamil(Ancient Language) Sorry no Sub titles as of now. working on it.

My Tank -
My Dream Tank as of today


Tank pics from 2019 to Today
IMG_20200702_183700.jpg PXL_20210224_163846503.jpg
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Aug 9, 2020
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An update on my Reef. With so much of sadness, i am taking down my reef as i am in a situation to move either to a different state or totally move out of country to India.

So i started taking off my beloved livestock's and currently selling them to fellow reefers. Every time i see some post like this to be frank never realized how hard it would be. But i am going through one now.

So as of today morning most of my Corals and Livestock are sold and ready for pick up. Below is a picture of it. You can see my right side is empty. Left Euphyllia garden will be taken tomorrow morning. And fishes are all set for pick in the upcoming days.


But one thing is sure. I will be setting up and updating my build again, new Aqua scape etc. But one catch. If i move to Sunshine state, then yes its a Mixed Reef. if its to India, then i cant dream of a Reef tank. Rather its FOWLR because corals are banned as they are endangered.

So this thread will be updated in about a month or 2.

Luckily i am not giving any of my Gear. Even if its out of country i am planning to put 5K to move my tanks along with my home relocation and Apex gear though Sea. I am just happy about it. Probably when i am crating it, will post pics.

Hope to see fellow reefers soon with a update on the build. I will also put pics of my empty tank once its all taken off.
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