Red Sea Reefer 350 setup for sale


ruth howard

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Dec 12, 2015
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Hello, my husband and I (sadly) need to sell our Red Sea Reefer 350 setup and equipment due to an anticipated move. We would like to sell the entire set up together. It includes the Reefer 350, a Kessel AP700, BRS reactor, Eheim return pumps (2 one in use and a new for back up), Ice cap gyre, multiple power heads, heaters, test kits, salt, Tunze DOC 9410 skimmer, clownfish, blood shrimp, coral, rock, etc. We purchased all items new since 2016 and can provide receipts for all items upon request. We would like $2000 for all of it. We would like a good home for our aquarium. I have a build thread that can be looked at, as well. Thank you all.

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