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Reefer 350 Full Tank Setup and more

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Jan 19, 2020
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I unfortunately had to move and was unable to take my tank with me. I am looking to sell my Red Sea Reefer 350 setup including livestock. Admittedly the tank itself is not in the best shape, it will likely need to be resealed if not now, then very soon. Everything else should be in good condition. There are also a couple chips in the glass. It would come with everything below.

-Red Sea Reefer 350 with homemade stand and plumbing but with original sump (see picture)
- lifeguard quiet one pro 3000 (only 3 months old!)
- 2x Ai Nero 5 wavemakers
- Nyos quantum 160 skimmer
- Ai Hydra 32 HD (2 burnt out LEDs) w/ mount
- ReeFi Uno 2.0 pro w/ mount
- Brand new Inkbird ITC-308S controller
- innovative marine auto top off controller and pump (this will likely need new tubing but should work otherwise)
- TopLids anti-evaporation lids for the tank with auto-feeder cutout (there are two lids which each cover half the tank)
- A bunch of rock
I also have a cabinet that houses the ATO reservoir and all my controllers if you want that as well.

- 1 Da Vinci Clown
- 1 purple firefish
- 1 tail spot blenny
- several inverts (a couple hermit crabs, nassarius snails, and a fighting conch)
- A couple corals (mushroom, toadstool, a sad acan, and some green star polyps)

I also have a dry Red Sea Reefer 170 in pretty good shape with the original stand and plumbing that I will sell for $300 OBO.

You will need to move this stuff yourself, as the people currently caring for my tank cannot lift very much. I do need to get rid of all this so please feel free to make an offer!

73203993497__9DD556F6-3D51-4B7F-935E-77AD9978274C.jpeg 73203994729__E77E03F3-9973-4426-9123-A0EA92D5629B.jpeg 73203996473__33B90D73-4C5C-4F76-AF40-4A5F57EB6E56.jpeg 73203998892__2F8D640E-28D0-459B-AB5F-4B6735C24C1D.jpeg

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