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  1. psumms

    Hanna vs Red Sea Nitrite Testing

    Hi all, nearing the end of the cycle on a new tank. I have a Hanna Nitrite ULR tester that to-date won't give a reading as every test reports '200' (out of 0-200 ppb range). My Red Sea Nitrite tests are coming in between 0.5 and 1 ppt. I believe I should trust the Hanna (non)reading, but that's...
  2. JaaxReef

    Minnesota Red Sea E170 for Sale (no light) local pickup in MN

    I’m moving soon and need to shut down my tank as we are building a house and will need to rent for a few months. Trying to sell everything locally only, so if you’re interested and in the Minneapolis, MN area, feel free to PM. I’m in Savage, MN for you locals. The tank is in great shape and...
  3. J

    New Jersey For Sale Red Sea reefer 750XXL with Neptune Apex Systems Complete so much more

    For Sale Red Sea reefer 750XXL with Neptune Apex Systems Complete Brand new tank Red Sea reefer 750 XXL tank is perfect all equipment 18 months old. Neptune apex with flow monitors, leak detectors, auto top off, Vortech WXM controller, Vortech MP40 QD, 2 reactors, 57 Watt UV Sterilizer, reef...
  4. I

    New Red Sea Max 69 Gallon Mixed Reef Build

    This is my new Red Sea E Max 260 build. I've been out of the hobby since 2009 when I used to have a 12 gallon JBJ Nano cube deluxe. I had some success with that tank as mostly a FOWLR tank. I have been wanting to get back into the hobby for many years and now with my young daughter around I...
  5. ReefLab

    One Man's Trash.. My Reefer 425XL

    So about two weeks ago, I bought a Reefer 425xl pre-owned. The previous owner didn't have the time to take care of it so things got pretty ugly. Tons of salt creep and ALGAE. Here's a not-so-great picture of the tank below. I took the rock and a few fish with the tank. The fish are going...
  6. Peach02

    Waterbox 130.4 or Red Sea 525xl

    I’ve been thinking of upgrading my 33 gallon to a much larger tank and I’ve come down to the waterbox 130.4 or the Red Sea reefer 525 All I’ve got so far is the weir on the waterbox is glass instead of acrylic and is potentially $1000 aud cheaper But nether have a large enough refugium imo and...
  7. REEFer86


    Has anyone tried the Red Sea Reef Energy Coral nutrition A/B ? What effects does it have on calcium and magnesium? How can the calcium and mag dip and rise without doing anything? Started dosing Alkalinity by Red Sea. Need to get CO2 to get my calcium reactor running. Who’s used a calcium...
  8. Ryushei

    Texas Selling IM Nuvo 20

    Comes with tank, stand, and pump, with everything you see inside and on top of the tank plus buckets and storage containers (salt included). Comes with a hydor koralia movement pump and upgraded filter caddys. Washed most of the junk out. Pick up only. My zip is 77840. Price negotiable
  9. S

    FS: Used Red Sea MAX E-260 69 Gallon Aquarium Tank

    Hello, For sale is a Red Sea MAX E-260 69 Gallon Aquarium Reef Tank with AI Hydra 26 HD LED lights for pickup only in New Jersey. Usage Description This aquarium was upgraded with the Red Sea sump conversion pipe kit. This pipe kit was cut and extended to accommodate an Eshopps R-200 refugium...
  10. Joe Batt

    Removal of the impeller from Red Sea pumps

    Has anyone managed to remove the impeller head from the Red Sea pumps?
  11. Yuri Prigodich

    Livestock Beautiful Lobophyllia Colony!

    Exotic Lobo colony only $129.99!! Amazing coloration! At Will shipping nationwide for $29.99
  12. R

    Red Sea max s650 return pump adapter for dc pump

    Hi, I have a Red Sea max s650 and I am wanting to change out the stock return pump for a reef octopus VarioS-8 pump... how are people doing it with the plumbing that comes with the tank? Are there metric adapter you have to but to make it work? Thanks so much.
  13. Yuri Prigodich

    Livestock Large Acropora Colony. Sold

    Very Large Acropora Colony For Sale!! Showstopper! The colors are amazing! Free Shipping Nationwide!! Pickup available in the Seattle area.
  14. AquaNerd

    Red Sea is Introducing a new 50 Watt LED
  15. H

    Foam/neoprene mat not level for Red Sea Reefer

    I really need some advice. I bought a second-hand Red Sea Reefer 250. It has been filled and used for many years. The neoprene mat beneath the tank is clearly no longer level. While the tank is empty it has been crushed down to be totally flat, whereas at the back the mat is much thicker - in...
  16. MarineDepot

    Reserve Your Reefer Deluxe Today!

    Reserve Your Reefer Deluxe Today! Now outfitted with Red Sea’s new ReefLED lights!
  17. MarineDepot

    50% off Simplicity Dosing Container w/ Purchase of ATI Essentials Pro!

    50% off Simplicity Dosing Container w/ Purchase of ATI Essentials Pro! PLUS: Enter our Red Sea and Clear Water Scrubber Giveaways!
  18. MarineDepot

    Reefer Skimmer Video & Giveaway + Pro Aquarium Bundles + New Gear from Eshopps!

    Reefer Skimmer Video & Giveaway + Pro Aquarium Bundles + New Gear from Eshopps! PLUS: 15% off JBJ Chillers and our Product Review Drive End Soon!
  19. pokerdobe

    Poker's Plain Old Reefer 750

    I figured it's high time I actually start one these build threads. Long time lurker. I'll skip ahead of the boring details and just leave a series of full tank shots for now. I apologize in advance for the grainy nature of the photos - still trying to get the hang of aquarium photography...
  20. C

    Starting New Tank, Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

    Hi All, I'm getting a bit nervous reading a lot of things about Red Sea Coral Pro Salt being incredibly cloudy for folks starting their tanks. I plan to fill my Nuvo 40 this weekend using Red Sea Coral Pro Salt. I plan to follow directions, mix salt in at 68 degrees in RO/DI water for about 1...
  21. Red Sea’s all-new ReefLED™ smart reef lighting!

    Sponsored Red Sea’s all-new ReefLED™ smart reef lighting!

    Dear Hobbyist, Here at Red Sea, we take coral lighting needs seriously. And after years of research and testing, Red Sea is proud to release the all-new ReefLED™ smart reef lighting system. These lights have been designed to ensure optimal coral growth, dramatic coloration and a gentle shimmer...
  22. MarineDepot

    REEFER Skimmers are HERE

    REEFER Skimmers are HERE Red Sea REEFER Protein Skimmers are now in stock!
  23. Globalbutterfly

    Ok, Just Tell Me Where to Put my Powerheads

    I give in. I keep searching and searching, reading through threads, watching videos, trying to figure it ALL out on my own. But now it is time to just let go and give it up to a “higher power” - the R2R Forum. Trying to find the magic, elusive flow in the tank - enough, but not too much...
  24. jvalentine

    Jacob's Red Sea Reefer 350 Build

    Hello All, I have been a member of this site for years but not very active at all lately, mainly because I have not had a tank up and running since 2013. My dive into reef aquariums started in 2008 when I started up my first tank; a 55 gallon (48x12x24) tank with hang on skimmer and T5...
  25. MarineDepot

    Win Aquaman + a Red Sea Max Nano!

    Win Aquaman + a Red Sea Max Nano! MOVIE + AQUARIUM GIVEAWAY - 10 WINNERS!
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