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  1. Jay00498

    Massachusetts Lighting LED Red Sea reef LED 90 pair (2)

    8mo old Red Sea reef led 90s for sale. Both work flawlessly. They will each come with a reef 90 mounting arm. Will sell individually but would prefer selling as a set. Buy the pair for $660 shipped or will sell them separately for $335 plus shipping PayPal only message me for more
  2. J_anderson_75

    Hello Brand spanking new here!

    Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself real quick as I finally registered...after being a lurker for at least a few years! I always seem to end up here when I'm searching for something related to reef tanks. Currently have a Fluval Evo 13.5 thats been running for about a year and a half and a...
  3. Leon Gorani

    Should I make a manifold for a Red Sea 170?

    I have a reef octo VarioS 4 return pump I was planning on using for my new tank, I wanted to hard plumb it into the tank and also add a manifold with 3 outputs for other equipment. Is this a good idea for this size tank and pump? The various 4 says it has a flow rate of 1056 GPH. Is that enough...
  4. I

    Pennsylvania Suppliments Red Sea Supplements

    Red Sea Supplements -Trace Colors -NOPOX -Foundation Elements $45 (Never Opened, Not Expired)
  5. f.christian

    Kentucky Lighting LED ISO Red Sea 90

    In search of Red Sea 90 led. Let me know what ya got
  6. Jonify

    Unrefrigerated Red Sea Reef Energy AB+ with a Nano Doser--It's Possible!

    I contacted Red Sea this week (screenshot below), asking if I could put a week's worth of AB+ in a jar or something, and then dose through my BRS 1.1ml per minute doser to my SPS-dominant 20G nano. Specifically, I asked if I would need to flush the lines in between (given the slow doser and the...
  7. Brent Behringer

    California Aquariums Brand New Red Sea Reefer 250 FS

    Here’s some pics of the custom tank build. Red Sea Reefer 250 with custom Synergy CL-34 Sump and Clearwater CW-50 Custom Algae Scrubber includes: So I had my build going (no expense spared) and ran into some family financial and health issues and am forced to sell. I have parted out some...
  8. Brent Behringer

    California Misc. Pumps Skimmers Filters FS Brand New Red Sea RSK 300 Internal Skimmer

    Due to Financial and Health reasons I will be parting out my current Reefer 250 Build. I completed the build up to a wet test only. So all equipment is brand new never used except for the wet test of my Tank, Custom Sump and Return Pump (ran for about an hour). Brand New Red Sea RSK 300...
  9. Brent Behringer

    California Powerheads Misc. Pumps Brand New ReefWave 25 Pump with Controller (1980 GPH) - Red Sea Features

    Due to Financial and Health reasons I will be parting out my current Reefer 250 Build. I completed the build up to a wet test only. So all equipment is brand new never used except for the wet test of my Tank, Custom Sump and Return Pump (ran for about an hour). Brand New ReefWave 25 Pump with...
  10. Brent Behringer

    California Lighting LED Brand New in Open Box Red Sea Black ReefLED 90 LED Light Fixture With Black Mounting Arm

    Selling my Brand New in Open Box Red Sea Black ReefLED 90 LED Light Fixture With Black Mounting Arm. I have two of them $365 Shipped Each I took out of box and assembled it to the mounting arm to make sure it fit my tank for the custom screen lid I purchased. It is brand new, never been...
  11. A

    Light Settings in a Red Sea Max Nano Mixed Reef

    Hey all, Would Really appreciate some help. I have the redsea max nano tank and the 50W light that comes with it. Tank is an 18" cube. I currently have it set to 70% blue 0% white. It's a very mixed tank without acros but has digitatas, stylos, birdnest, montis, etc. on top and zoas...
  12. R

    Large Build Finally building out my dream reef - RSR 3XL 900

    With a living room redesign, I now have a ~80 inch long x 30 inch wide open space. After a month or two of debate, my wife conceded and I'm going to be getting a tank to fill the space. After looking around, and deciding I don't want to build a stand or have to piece together tank/stand/sump...
  13. R

    Reef led 90 vs ai prime 16hd

    Are the Red Sea reefled 90s worth the money or is the AI prime 16hd better for the money? It will be for a 65 gallon tank so I’ll need 2.
  14. reefrun

    Build Thread Grassi's Red Sea 450

    I figure it's about time I do build thread. I've had my red sea 450 set up since March 2019, but I got back into reefing in 2016 and I've had some of the livestock for 4 years now. FTS 11/19/20 LIVESTOCK Fish Hippo Tang Yellow Tang Starry Blenny Clown pair Chromis x6 SPS BC Aquatic Man BC...
  15. R

    Florida Aquariums Red Sea Reefer 200xl

    Red Sea Reefer 200xl roughly 4 months old. Like new condition, no scratches, setup empty and ready to go. Includes tank, sump, stand, screen top, 2 jebao wave makers, and custom plumbing. Also have roughly 40#’s of live rock that can be included in the sale. $1,000
  16. Brody’s Reef

    Build Thread My Reefing Journey

    So this thread is about a year late but I figured I should finally give it a shot. I’m almost a year into this hobby and my obsession hasn’t slowed a bit (just ask my fiancé). It all started with an Used Innovative Marine 20 gallon aio system. Actually, that’s a lie. It started with a month of...
  17. Solrock106

    Decisions, decisions...Red Sea/Waterbox

    Guys, I need some help. I've read so many threads with mixed reviews on Red Sea Reefer aquariums. So here I am in love with the Red Sea Reefer 525xl. The dimensions and water volume is exactly what I'm looking for. But then you read about the seals coming apart on the front glass panels, which...
  18. TopShelfAquatics

    Dry Goods Tons of equipment up for grabs

    Hey guys and gals we have accumulated a lot of used equipment. We will start posting in this thread the list with prices. There is over 200 items so we are going to start listing them now. Apex, Ecotech, Reef Octopus, Bubble Magus and much more. All equipment has been tested before being...
  19. ajtomase

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 625 or 750 v3

    Hi everyone, I'm still on the fence about getting either a Red Sea Reefer 625 or 750 v3. Anyone prefer one over the other? I know bigger is usually better, but wanted to double check since I've heard some sketchy things about the 750...
  20. excellensephotos

    Red Sea Alk Test Kit

    When the syringe reads 0.3ml on the Alk Test kit from Red Sea what is the value? I get confused when reading it backwards if anyone can help that would be great thanks a bunch. Maybe a photo with some pointers on it also to help others out if they need to learn to read it also.
  21. FortLivingRoom

    ULM Upgrade Suggestions?

    Hey Everyone, I’m looking to pull the trigger this weekend on a used Red Sea Reefer Nano. I’ve been out of the hobby over 10 years, a lot of which had to do with maintenance/time requirements. I’m out of college now with a larger budget so I hope to acquire some upgrades to make this tank as...
  22. Stu_Tanks

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 350 Build!!!

    Hey everyone! Finally saved up for my dream aquarium and made the purchase. After anxiously waiting for 3 weeks it finally shipped last Friday. Little bit of background. I broke down my 75 gallon and sold it so I could put the 350 in its place. I set up a 20 long and cycled it before doing...
  23. T

    Red Sea Reefer 750xxl/Kessil Ap9X

    I am getting a Red Sea Reefer 750 xxl and I am curious if I should get three of the AP9X Kessil lights or if two would suffice in a mixed reef? Tank is 71”x24”x24”. F
  24. R

    Red Sea Reefer 425 XL Customization

    Hey all, I just bought a new red sea reefer 425 xl. I am looking for recommendations for all the equipment I would need with it such as return pump, wave maker, lights, protein skimmer, etc. The model i bought just comes with the tank, stand, and sump only & plumbing of course. I do not have a...
  25. SFReefer1

    Build Thread Erik's Red Sea Reefer 170 Build - a Return to Reefing

    Erik’s Reefer 170 Build After a many many year hiatus and a shelved plan for a completely custom tank, I’m making my return to the hobby with a Reefer 170 (the largest tank I could get buy off from my SO for….for now ;) ). The goal will be to do a SPS dominant mixed reef…though I imagine it...