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  1. Blondie Frags

    Reef Wave Connecting as 25 when it’s a 45

    Hello all!! I am really hoping someone can help me with this so I don’t have to replace the controller completely. My ReefWave45 is showing on the Wifi connection and in the app as a 25 so it no longer works. It’s 6 months past the warranty so they are offering a discounted controller but I’m...
  2. Tes

    Maryland Filters Drygoods For Sale Red Sea ReefMat 1200 plus Sump Modification Kit & New Fleece Roll- Maryland - Will Ship - $350

    Anyone looking to buy Red Sea Reefmat 1200? I have one for sale. I have 3 Red Sea S-1000 tanks...2 salt...1 fresh....I bought 3 Reefmat 1200's...not realizing..until after contacting Red Sea..that they don't work for freshwater!....SMH....Soooo I have one ready to go as purchased....super...
  3. kinetic

    California Aquariums Drygoods FS: Red Sea Reefer 170 with white cabinet, VarioS-4, OctoLid, and more. Near mint condition! Ready for water.

    FOR SALE Red Sea Reefer 170 Build Thread: White cabinet OctoLid All plumbing included Dual Random Flow Generator return Reefer 170 Sump Glass ATO reservoir Filter cup Dosing reservoir (fits perfectly next to sump, 3x 2L) VarioS-4 Return...
  4. Mafoo

    Reefmat 1200 - auto advance

    Hi All First time posting but have been in the hobby on and off for about 20 years. Have set up a Cade 1500 with a Red Sea Reef Mat 1500. My question is: 1) How high does the water level need to be to trigger the auto advance? Does it have to touch the sensor? It’s been plugged in for almost...
  5. P

    California Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods RSM Red Sea Max E170 + Extra Complete Package

    Everything included, in excellent working condition. Price firm. I'm in West Los Angeles. Prices new (BRS website):
  6. Trinh Fish & Corals

    Unique Mark on Purple Tang

    I have this unique marking on my purple tang on his top dorsal fin. Is it an aberrant marking? Stress mark? Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. A

    Illinois Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Red Sea max nano

    Red Sea max nano comes with AI prime 16hd Heater Wavemaker Skimmer ATO 4 filter socks All you need is water and rock to get started. Located in Aurora il
  8. Reefer911

    Lighting LED Drygoods Red Sea LED 90s with mounting arms

    I have two Red Sea LED 90s that ran about 6 months. They’re clean and work flawlessly. I just went a different route with lighting. $550 plus shipping for the pair.
  9. reefbandit

    Washington Lighting Drygoods Red Sea Reefled 160s

    Selling 4x Red Sea Reefled 160s with tank mounts. Price is $525ea light/mount combo. Lights have 1 year of use. Can ship by mid next week once back in town. Located in Washougal,WA.
  10. NaCl H2O

    California Filters Sumps Drygoods Red sea reef mat 1200 - California - FCFS - pick up only - SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a red sea reef mat 1200 for $300 Pick up only FCFS Located in Temecula,Ca
  11. A

    New Jersey WTB Looking for a red sea 250 G2

    HI, I am looking to buy a red sea 250 v2 or G2 if someone is looking to sell theirs. Preferably white but I am open to the black as well. Thanks!
  12. MB1227

    DIY Filtration Cover Red Sea Max 250 C

    Hey all, been lurking the forum for over a year, finally joined this is my first post. Just wanted to post this in case anyone found it helpful. Long story short I just went topless on my Red Sea 250 C for a few reasons and wanted to cover the rear filtration to make it look nicer. I had seen...
  13. NaCl H2O

    California Aquariums Drygoods Red Sea 750 XXL G3 200 Gallon Reef Tank - California - FCFS - Pick Up Only - SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Hello, I have a Red Sea G3 750 XXL 200 gallon reef tank for sale. Ive had it for couple months over a year. Comes with stand and 40 gallon sump. Has plumbing for a 150w uv light through left side. Sump has had its sock holders cut out to fit a red sea reefmat 1200 filter roller...
  14. NaCl H2O

    California Dosing Drygoods Res sea dose 4 - California - FCFS - For pick up - SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Hello i have a red sea dose 4 and has been used for about 4 months. Works great, due to moving out of state i broke tank down and aold off livestock, so now its time to part out my dry goods. Will include the line holder and tubes. This was a extra purchase of course. $350 FCFS...
  15. J

    Red Sea alk test never turning blue.

    I’m trying to use the alkalinity test with the Red Sea foundation pro kit, but when doing the titration the tank sample never goes from clear to blue, and never turns green either. after a while it becomes a pale ish yellow, but never turns blue or green. I’ve done it several times now, and I’m...
  16. F

    Red Sea s-1000 G2 filled for 3 weeks showing discoloration all around the seal. Should I be concerned?

    Does the discoloration appear normal? I’ve read a ton of horror stories about Red Sea aquariums failing and as much as I love the tank, I’m living in anxiety of finding 200+ gallons of water on my floor.
  17. J

    Red sea reef dose to new wifi router

    ive looked everywhere but ive recently installed a new router, obviously my reef dose wont connect to the new wifi since it has a different name and simply wanna reconnect the reef dose to the new wifi without deleting all my dosing schedules, yes ive seen that if you kept the wifi network the...
  18. Ufjd144

    Florida Powerheads Drygoods RedSea ReefWave 45 Pump w/ controller (2)

    Selling 2 “Like New” RedSea ReefWave 45 Pumps w/ controllers.
  19. C

    Misc. Pumps Skimmers Drygoods Red Sea Skimmer RSK 600

    I’m selling the RSK 600 Red Sea Skimmer that came with my C130. It won’t fit with the light mount I’m currently using.
  20. Dubsicles

    Montipora Dying After Just Starting to Dose

    First time doser here. I just started to dose the Red Sea Foundation A, B and C (Alkalinity, Calcium, and Magnesium). I gradually worked my way up to the following levels over the course of 4 days: Alk (dkh): Start 6.2/ End 8.3 Calc (ppm): Start 397/ End 437 Mg (ppm): Start 1360/ End 1440...
  21. R

    Damaged tank

    I recently purchased a brand new Red Sea 425 G2 aquarium from Saltwater Aquarium. When R&L delivered the tank this morning, there was no visible damage. Once we removed the sump we notice a huge crack by the overflow. I contacted Saltwater Aquarium and Red Sea but didn’t get a response. Has...
  22. B

    Red Sea Reefer 250 - Used

    Hello everyone, I have been in contact with someone about purchasing a used Red Sea Reefer 250. The tank is close to 5 years old. I will drop some pictures below of what the tank looks like. It comes with tank, sump, cabinet, skimmer, and two pumps. Want everyone's opinion on this, and if it is...
  23. C

    Skimmers Live Rock LED Drygoods Waterbox 145.5 and Like New Equipment (Reefi LEDs, Reefwaves, Sicce return pump, Regal skimmer, etc.).)

    Howdy Reefers! My friend set up a really nice frag tank earlier this year but has to break down/sell due to a move. The tank and all equipment are only about 6-months old and in like new condition (tank was cycled but never filled with livestock). Please see below for what is available and...
  24. R

    Need help fixing my Reefwave 25

    Hi, I just bought a secondhand Reefwave25 because I'm just starting this hobby, it worked fine for a few seconds of testing, so right after testing, I took apart the whole thing, cleaned it with citric acid and a toothbrush and it looks brand new. For some reason after cleaning it worked for 5...
  25. C

    Miscellaneous Package Deal Drygoods Red Sea 300XL/E260 Stand

    I have a black Red Sea stand for sale that was with my E260, well the tank has a crack and is out of warranty and I have no need for the stand and need to fund my next aquarium purchase. $400 for pickup shipping will be base on location.
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