red sea

  1. ReefDude716

    Build Thread Reefing cool tank

    Hello everyone here’s my Nuvo 30L build with a eshops rs100 sump Total 50 gallons Nuvo 30 L Eshops rs100 sump Aps stand Reef link Neptune Apex El Neptune Trident 2 echotech Radion gen 4 xr15 2rms mounts 2 VorTech wireless mp10s Echotech marine vectra s1 Echotech battery backup 2 spin stream...
  2. Nanojoeaquatic

    Skimmer Stands?? Let me see yours or suggestions please!

    Howdy, I have a red sea reefer 250 with stock sump. I have the reef octopus 110 INT skimmer. Needs to be in 6 inches of water but i currently have my sump level at 9 and i do kind of like it at 9 inches. So either i will buy a skimmer stand or DIY this project. Which could be a good time killer...
  3. Nanojoeaquatic

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 250 build! : SPS dominated Reef

    Hello all! a little new to R2R.. Anyways I see these build threads and i love the documentation of everything. SO cool to see everyones builds come alive. Some background info about me: I did youtube for a little while under the name "Nanojoe".. still post videos here and there but not so much...
  4. MidwestReefer1989

    Nano Build 2 Month Update on my Build for my Fluval Evo 13.5 Gallon

    Hello Everyone, So I am about 2 months into the hobby and it feels like its been an eternity since I started but I have learned so much and have tried things that some people have told me not to try and have been successful so I am going to share my recent photos of my build and hopefully you...
  5. Shanel

    Build Thread My First Red Sea Reefer Build

    I'm super excited about this build. The Red Sea Reefer XXL 625. Tried to track all the progress as best as I could. Day 1: Modifying the filter It's an AquaMaxx AF-1 Automatic Filter Roller. First thing is the 4 rods that hold it together are extremely brittle. There are some thicker rods they...
  6. Nanojoeaquatic

    Red Sea and Shipping Questions

    I had a couple of questions in relevance to a shipping timeline and process of receiving the actual aquarium. - How long or average wait time did you go through to get your aquarium on your doorstep? - Not really familiar with drop shipping but seems its straight forward? - Do they contact me...
  7. marxman

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 350 Build - Flash's Place

    I currently have a 36 gallon bow front tank with a canister filter which has been up and running for 1 year now. Been an amazing learning experience and it has taken some effort to keep it stable. Finally decided that I would get a "real" reef tank with a legitimate setup. With the exception of...
  8. Rhyper

    Build Thread Nilo's Red Sea Reefer 250

    I've been postponing creating this thread for a while lol. So here is my newest tank, running since July 2019. It’s my third tank in 11 years of this hobby. Starting with the specs! Tank: Red Sea Reefer 250 (v3) Lighting: Maxspect Recurve 90 240w Skimmer: Bubble Magus Curve A8 Return: Reef...
  9. SaltwaterTanks

    Red Sea Reefer Questions ??

    Hey guys , so I’ve had multiple saltwater fish tanks for a while now and have always wanted a Red Sea reefer , if I got one it would probably be a 100 gallon. I do have one old model that’s only 30 gallons but it’s very old so there’s nothing new to it . I’m not sure if I really understand the...
  10. tho

    Build Thread Tom's Reefer XL 200 (An unexpected journey)

    Welcome to my first build thread! I am setting up my first reef tank with a Red Sea Reefer XL 200. At the time of this post, I have the tank and equipment set up: Tank: Red Sea Reefer XL 200 Return pump: Neptune COR-15 Wave maker: Neptune WAV Controller: Neptune ApexEL Lighting: Kessil A360X +...
  11. BighohoReef

    Have I dosed my last dose of RS?!? (Switching to Tropic Marin)

    Hey all, I just dosed my last bit of Red Sea (RS) magnesium this morning and calcium plus isn’t far behind. Instead of reordering the Red Sea I’ve had my eye on the Tropic Marin ALL-FOR-REEF BRS has some great reviews and it’s been sold out during covid times. I’m wondering what folks think...
  12. M

    Red Sea Max Stand

    WANTED - Looking for stand for my Red Sea Max Nano...Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont or Mass. Anyone?
  13. saltysailor

    Retro Red Sea all-in-one

    Hi all, I have never owned a saltwater tank before and am interested in starting. I saw a Red Sea 130D for sale for pretty cheap and think it might be a good idea. It doesn’t come with the light or the hood but I don’t mind because I figured open top and better light would be better for the tank...
  14. B

    Washington, D.C. Package Deal Red Sea Max S-500

    Looking at upgrading and want to sell my old tank. Beautiful Reef tank for sale 130 gallon (including sump). Includes everything you need to start a reef system of your own including filters, pumps, Wifi enabled lights, chiller, heater, skimmer, reactor and livestock. New price of this tank...
  15. B

    Washington, D.C. Red Sea Max S-500 ($3500)

    Looking at upgrading my tank and want to sell my old one. Beautiful Reef tank for sale 130 gallon (including sump). Includes everything you need to start a reef system of your own including filters, pumps, Wifi enabled lights, chiller, heater, skimmer, reactor and livestock. New price of this...
  16. Skibum

    Who's replaced their Red Sea reefer 250 factory Sump?

    I HATE this sump, too small no options to put anything in etc. If you have post some details and pics. I can't fit anything else in mine and serviceability is very difficult.
  17. ckalupa

    Indiana Michigan Deleted

    Delete please.
  18. Tristan

    Build Thread Concept Abyss Peninsula

    Hey everyone! Tank: This is my 20 Gallon Concept Abyss Peninsula from Innovative Marine. I got this tank last year at Reef-A-Palooza from SCMAS but haven't had the time to build a stand for it up until a month ago. The quarantine finally gave me time away from school to build a stand for it and...
  19. B

    Build Thread Big Mick's SPS Build Thread

    This tank was filled up in August of 2017. It's had it's trials but I believe I've figured out a good maintenance regiment to keep it stable and thriving. Red Sea Max Series. Equipment: 4 XR30 Gen 4 Pros Radions; However the first 2 years of growth I have to give AI hydra 32s credit for...
  20. |Tom the Bomb|

    Help... equipment choices

    For a REEFER 3XL-900 (FOWLR with soft corals) Return Pump: Sicce Syncra SDC 9.0 or Ecotech Vectra L2 Skimmer: Nyos quantum 220 or RSK-900 How big is the flex hose for the return pump on the 900? 1"? which flex hose should I get? what equipment did you guys use on your reefers (900) Do u have...
  21. K

    AIO Build Red Sea Max 250 Revival

    Hello All, I've had a few tanks in the past but all were FOWLR and they were more than a decade ago. Currently I have a 24 gallon Aquatop AIO running that was supposed to be a QT tank for my 100 gallon Cadlights build I had started. I started the stand and started getting equipment and then...
  22. Tristan

    Epoxy Paint or Marine Coating?

    Hey everyone. I’m building a stand for a tank I got a while back and I’ve been trying to see how to get a similar quality feel to something such as the Red Sea Reefer Stand. So far, I’ve found out that the doors are epoxy coated, but doing that in a home setting would take a lot of materials and...
  23. olireef

    Hello there

    Hi everybody I am quite new to keeping saltwater tanks. I started a few months back with a used reefer 170. This Forum looks very cool and friendly and I'm happy to join you :-) Now I don't know if I should ask my question here or somewhere else in the Forum, you can tell me if I should post it...
  24. Jimmy G

    Build Thread Jimmys Red Sea Max 650 build 3 months

    Just wanted to thank everyones posts on this forum, I have took what I thought made sense too me on many, many posts. I think what I learned from doing investigations and reading forums is that there is many ways to do this hobby. By no means I believe that my way is the best way or the...
  25. Treasure Coast

    Florida Red Sea Max S-650 + all Equipment and Livestock Over $25,000 Value. Zip 34996

    Red Sea S-650 Max 150g (black) + Cabinet + Sump + NYOS 160 Skimmer + 4x Lights LED Lights from Red Sea + 2x MP40’s (Ecotech) + 2x M1 Return Pumps + Original T5 Red Sea Light + Custom Aquatics Lid + Multi Head Indo & Aussie Gold Torches + Bounce Shroom + all other Coral and Expensive Fish...
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