red sea

  1. reefl8r

    South Carolina WTB Red Sea LED 50

    Hey everyone I'm looking to buy a red sea 50 led if anyone has one available. I don't really care if it comes with a arm or not but that would be great as well.
  2. nato

    Nano Build Red Sea Max Nano - Long time Reader First time poster

    Hello every one I've been a long time reader, but am a first time poster. I've had my Red Sea Max Nano setup for nearly a year now.I've had my ups and downs...lost some corals, lost some fish. The water parameters have always been pretty stead, nothing much to note apart from consistently low...
  3. P

    Florida WTB WTB Reefer 170 (white)

    WTB white reefer 170 Tampa/st pete area. mill drive up to 2-3 hours give or take to pick it up.
  4. reeferttb

    White Slime in Sump

    Hello! I woke up this morning to another bloom of white slime all in the sump. The only thing I have changed on my tank is adding the Red Sea reefdose system 2 days ago. I have it dosing the usual, alkalinity, calcium, magnesium, and nopox. I have the doses all set to Red Sea’s recommended...
  5. HWEP

    LED lighting for my tank- massively confused.

    Hi, I seem to have a tank that's causing a clash of opinions on what size light to get. My tank dimensions are: 4 L x 20 W x 23.8” H and i have a fairly flat scape; 4 rocks in a row, kept basic for coral real estate and basically no shadowing. I keep LPS and softies- nothing particularly rare...
  6. R

    Hello Cleaning Red Sea Nano Max Protein Skimmer

    Hi. I have an all in one 20 gallon Red Sea Nano Max. I clean the protein skimmer cup weekly. But there is build up at the bottom of the skimmer. How do I best clean that. Do I need to take the entire assembly out? Thank you!
  7. Kyle Soto

    What are Acceptable Nitrate Levels to Acclimate Fish

    I recently purchased a 65 gallon Red Sea aquarium on Offerup. I currently have a 32 gallon Biocube stocked with 4 fish and I am planning on transferring these fish into the new tank. However, the nitrates in this new tank are fairly higher than my Biocube (40 ppm versus 10 ppm). Is this too big...
  8. ReefChasers

    Reef Chasers Red Sea Reefer XL 525 Give Away Contest!

    Stay tuned for details -- I figured I should confer with the admins;)
  9. N

    SOLD Zen Reef, BRS, Vertex, IceCap, Red Sea & Tunze FS

    Hi R2R, I have some more items for sale. Price includes shipping, Paypal. Zen Reef Single Magnetic Heater Mount $40 Shipped Bulk Reef Supply - BRS 1.1mL Doser (New - mounted unused with new additional tube) $50 Shipped Vertex Libra Vessel 2.5T (New - rinsed with RO/DI) $45 Shipped Icecap -...
  10. Kyle Soto

    WHAT to do with Blue Tang in 65 gallon tank

    I recently purchased a 65 gallon Red Sea tank on Offerup. The owner was including all of his livestock along with the tank. One of the fish included was a fairly large blue tang (about 6-7 inches). I understand that he is likely too large for this tank but I had no choice but to take him. What...
  11. alexxxxkv

    Expiry date of Red Sea colors? Either 2025 or 2012..

    Hi, on the package it says "0825 12", does this mean that the product expires in 2025 or in 2012?
  12. krakensoup

    Red Sea Max S-400 (White) (NEW, not used)

    Well, here I am. The prototypical cautionary tale: I bought this tank with big dreams and genuine interest, but because multiple life reasons and changes, it has been sitting in the garage since I picked it up in late 2018. Finally, I'm now relocating so I can't put this off any longer. I have...
  13. rene9898

    California For sale Reefwave 25

    Red Sea Reefwave 25 Used for 4 months in my RSM 130 I upgraded to a Reefer 350 and bought all Nero pumps. So it’s up for sale for 200 shipped to lower 48 But I prefer to trade for a Nero 3 (must have fish guard)
  14. L

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer XXL 750 Build

    My First Red Sea Tank to setup Equipment List - Radion XR30 Blue Gen 5 * 3 Units Octo Elite 150 Int Protein Skimmer (also have Bubble king 250 as back up) Octo Various 8 Return Pump Neptune COR 20 Return Pump Royal Exclusive 75W (Will be used for UV and media reactors) 25 Watt UV Neptune Wav *...
  15. NanoSteam

    Back in the game! RSR 250!

    There have been reef tanks in my household from the day I was born thanks to my dad. I've been personally reef keeping on my own since 13? I don't recall, it was a long time ago. I'm not 31, my wife and I purchased our first home and are expecting our first baby in November. I'm ready to setup a...
  16. Heavymman

    New York Red Sea - Salt Mix 175 Gallon, 2x Full Unopened Containers and 1x 3/4 full - $125 Pickup Only

    I have 2 Full Unopened Containers of Red Sea 175 Gallon Salt Mix and on that is sealed and 3/4 full. I am out of the hobby so I have no use for it now, I used about 5 containers of the same salt when I was in the hobby and it was great. I am asking for $125 local pickup only (Massapequa, Long...
  17. S

    Red Sea 450 White

    I am relocating and need to sell my pride and joy my Red Sea 450 reef tank. I’ve had this tank for two years and is in great shape. It comes with custom mesh/acrylic top, protein skimmer (reef octopus 150 in), all custom plumbing (blue BRS) and ATO. This tank is loaded with high end coral and...
  18. gdelcristo

    Selling Red Sea 450 Reefer Aquarium

    The aquarium stand is the black color. It will include the tank, stand, pluming pipes that came with aquarium, sump and top. Must be able to pick up. $1,000 or best offer. For more info please call or text 305-794-8305.
  19. S

    Cycling tank with "Red Sea Pro Reef Mature Kit"

    Hello. I am currently in the process of cycling my Red Sea Max Nano reef tank. I've added 20lbs of Carib-sea special grade live sand and about 15-20lbs of Carib-sea Life rock shapes (spored with bacteria). I've also added a mesh bag worth of Fluval bio tubes (for surface area for bacteria)...
  20. trmiv

    Florida Two Red Sea Reefled 90 with mounts

    Two Red Sea Reefled 90 with Red Sea mounts. These were purchased new in May 2020 and used on my Reefer 350 for about a year at 75-85%. Never had any issues with them. $260 plus shipping for each light and mount. $500 plus shipping if you buy both sets of light and mount. Also available for...
  21. IceRain29

    Waterbox Frag 165.6 not level, gap on 2 corner, customer support tell me it's "normal"?!?

    So, I got a Brand New beautiful waterbox frag 165.6 from waterbox aquarium. Fully assembled and find out it has a big gap on almost all corner, I can slide the paper almost everywhere under the tank. The front right corner is the worst of the bunch, I can see a 2mm gap by my eyes if I look it...
  22. S

    Does my new Red Sea Sump have a leak?

    I am water testing my new Red Sea 3xxl 900. When I filled up the sump which sits on a foam pad in the stand it looks as though there is water or air trapped under there, or just that the foam is being pressed against the glass more in a specific spot. I did notice this right away, however...
  23. Kaiser

    Replacement Nitrate Pro Test Kit Vials

    I dropped one of the vials for my red sea nitrate pro test kit a couple of days ago and I can't seem to find replacements for them online, does anybody have any ideas where I can get them?
  24. Djordan719

    Colorado WTB WTB Red Sea Reefer (S) or Waterbox Reef (LX)

    WTB new Red Sea Reefer XXL / Reefer S or Waterbox Reef 220.6 / Reef LX
  25. T

    South Carolina Aquariums Red Sea Reefer 750xxl for sale

    Selling my Red Sea reefer 750xxl 200 gallon system. Only the aquarium and sump are for sale and come with the original plumbing and 7 gallon reservoir. I’ll also throw in filter socks and media bags. This bundle also comes with a dyi Red Sea reefer mesh top you can build. Asking $3,300 for...