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Jun 28, 2021
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New york
hi all reefers! quick quetion here, are there 2 types of the red sea pro test kid(cal,kh,mag) out there in the market? i found that BRS has the kit for $67 with 75 tests for any of cal,alk,mag, i also saw this item on amazon for $47.99,75 tests for cal and kh,60 tests for mag, also box looks a little different to each other, any idea witch is good to buy, i kind of thinking the amazon one is somehow fake lol, cuz i bought this kit from amazon on 2019, compare to older kit from brs, it looks more amatuer, even the labels on their bottles aren't neatly done at all, not to memtion the inaccuracy, bottles are much harder to squeeze out the liquid compare to my older red sea kit from BRS. quality regress or amazon vendor selling fake red sea kit? thanks in advance!
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