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Jul 12, 2021
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80 gallon display tank

I will add an update and photos to my build thread but for now, I am to the point where i need to get a return pump put into place so i can connect the hard pvc lines.
From the top of the display tank, down through the floor, and to the general area of the return pump section, I'm looking at no more than 15ft. BUT, that does not include any 90's that I may have, as well as my 3 Tee manifold. I don't have a lot of 90's, but certainly have a hand full. I do have a gate valve behind the display tank, but won't have another near the return pump. (if that matters)

I do have an Eheim 1262, but I don't think it will be powerful enough to get up to the display tank with enough umph.

I don't want a separate pump for each reactor that I have, so I'd prefer to feed them off the return pump manifold.

I was looking at the Syncra ADV 9.0 and 10.0. The 10 seems to be my best bet, (2700gph / 23ft head max)

Can anyone give me some assistance on the best one to choose? I want an internal pump, and certainly don't want to spend 500 dollars if i don't have to.

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