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Sep 21, 2019
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As a novice to SW tanks, I have spent quite a few hours reading and watching utube videos about the subject. While all that reading and watching did help to ground me a little, it ended up causing more questions than answers. My head was/is spinning. And then a light went off-- this is quite rare for me, but it does happen. :) Why not find a forum about the subject. As a member of several forums about different endeavors, I have found that talking to fellow enthusiasts to be the best way to increase one's knowledge. After looking at several forums, I found myself at R2R. It didn't take long to figure out this was the place. So I joined. Hello, people.

A brief look at what I am looking for and where I am at. I want to keep my SW tank relatively small, in the 20-40 gallon range, and as simple as possible--both the system and its inhabitants. I am currently looking at the Coralife biocube 32 with adding a few enhancements.

Anyway, enough about that as this post is more about saying hello. Looking forward to being a member here, increasing my knowledge, and setting up my first SW tank.


If you don't keep your sand bed clean it will cause your tank to crash.

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