SBB 275 Auctions plus 160 Fresh corals - Going on now!

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SBB Corals

SBB Corals

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Jul 10, 2016
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For this sale we are running to fun things :)

1) we will do a sticker prize reveal for 5 Lucky people. What this means is that on the back of the free sticker we send we will put a number on the sticker. Number 1-5. This number will the correspond to a prize. We will give 5 Prizes to be revealed after all the sticker numbers are claimed. Number 1 will get 1st pick on the prize and then number 2 will choose and so forth. In order to claim your number, you have to take a picture of the sticker with the number you got and post it here within 24 hours of receiving your box. If you don’t show the number you got within 24 hours you will forfeit your number. Once all the numbers are claimed. we will do a reveal sometime before May 1st. The reveal will show the 5 prizes that can be picked. Once the Reveal is complete the winners will choose the prize starting with number 1. Good luck to all we can’t wait to see who wins! Tag us if you won or the claim won’t count

2) we will do an unboxing video contest for a $250 Gift card. We will pick a video at random and award the winner after all boxes have been shipped. The idea is that you will do a video receiving your corals. You will document the package coming in and opening them and then showing them in your tank. We will use the video on our testimonial section of our website. We hope many people enter this contest. the video must be on YouTube. Tag us with your entry or it won’t count. Good luck to all and we cant wait to see what you got!

3) stay active as we will be giving out random $25 gift card as this thread lives on!!!!!

How hands-on are you as a reef keeper?

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