For sale SCA-302 Protein Skimmer


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This posting is for an internal protein skimmer typically used in a sump. It’s about 18 months old. I was using it up until I broke my tank down to make room for a larger one. It’s rated for a 180 gallon tank, however I was using it in a 75 gallon tank. It worked great. Shipping is available. Pm me with your zip code for a quote.

How much of your saltwater reef tank is automated?

  • Nothing is automated

    Votes: 65 13.6%
  • 25% or so

    Votes: 149 31.2%
  • 50% or so

    Votes: 107 22.4%
  • 75% or so

    Votes: 104 21.8%
  • Close to 100%

    Votes: 49 10.3%
  • Totally Automated (we need proof)

    Votes: 3 0.6%
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