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Discussion in 'Turbo's Aquatics' started by b4tn, Feb 25, 2019.

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    Looking for suggestions. I just finished 4 months of vibrant dosing. It has killed off my bubble algae yay!!!!! But my scrubber is near dead now. There was a tiny bit of gha on it but not much. My nutrients are non detectable right now. My plan is to run my skimmer but always overflowing in the sump and run my scrubber. Should I wait to turn the lights back on the scrubber? Or should I start off at 9 o’clock on the light dial and 8 hours of light?

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    I also ran about 4 months of vibrant, before I realized it I had a Dino outbreak so maybe leave your skimmer off and feed a little heavier to bring your nutrients up some. Took me almost a month to get rid of the Dino. What a pain but the good news I haven’t seen bubble algae in a very long time now.

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    Treat it like starting over, so set the lights at about the 50% intensity level for 9 hours/day, you might go through a few initial stages but if you left it running the whole time (I'm guessing you did?) then there will likely be some microscopic algae left embedded in the screen, so it might pop back pretty quickly - keep us posted, I'm interested to hear how it returns
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