Sharks and CP?

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Jay Hemdal

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Jul 31, 2020
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Hi do sharks handle Chloroquine phosphate? I have an Ich outbreak in my 265!!! Ugh. Appreciate your help.Tom

Interesting question. I can't remember ever using CP on sharks and rays. Sharks don't appreciate ionic copper and they don't handle hyposalinity well, so your options are limited. I have used Coppersafe with bamboo sharks, but that was 40+ years ago.

There is this paper:

In this study, they used a rather low dose of CP at 10 mg/l. Concurrent use of ozone use may have been a confounding factor, I can't tell for certain. I would be wary though, and certainly don't go above 10 mg/l. I have had issues with CP not controlling ich at less than 15 mg/l.


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