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Some Acros



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Feb 13, 2019
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Murrieta, CA
Pick up in Murrieta, CA 92562.
Shipping costs $25 within SoCal, $35-55 elsewhere.
Discount on packs. Free shipping @ $450.

TCK Pikachu - $100
Sunset Millie - $40
RR Lady in Pink - $120
RRC Pink Caddy - $100
GB Red Hawk - $40
GSW Pink Panther Table - $40
TGC Pink Caddy - $70
ASD Wolverine - $80
RMF Breakout your wallet- $100
TCK Berry Nasuta - $40
TSA Bacardi Party - $70
Vivid's Rainbow Delight- $40
Unnamed Pink Tenuis- $80
TSA The Fuzz - $60
BC Frankenberry- $60
TGC Pearly Gates - $40
GB Garfield - $50
RMF Psychoberry - $40
RR Grape Juice - $30
BB Draw Jopper, mini colony - $250, #1/2- $100

Bali green slimer, mini colony (pick up only) - $40

20210526_200800.jpg 20210526_200817.jpg 20210526_200830.jpg 20210526_200847.jpg 20210526_200912.jpg 20210526_200924.jpg 20210526_200939.jpg 20210526_200948.jpg 20210526_201000.jpg 20210526_201012.jpg 20210526_201025.jpg 20210526_201035.jpg 20210526_201048.jpg 20210526_201102.jpg 20210526_201116.jpg 20210526_201131.jpg 20210526_201150.jpg 20210526_201200.jpg 20210526_201217.jpg 20210526_201237.jpg 20210526_201246.jpg 20210526_201259.jpg 20210526_201356.jpg
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