Some advice with buying a new GHL4 Setup

Discussion in 'GHL Advanced Technology' started by RSDeano, Mar 6, 2018.

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    hey everyone
    I have been following Ghl for anfair few years now and was reluctant to buy one due to the logic programming. The new 4s seem to have gone past this and made a more user friendly interface.
    I’m very close to ordering a ghl4 Setup with dosers and a director.
    At this stage, I’m looking at buying all slaves and have everything running of a GHL4 megaset system.
    The list is as follows, i would love to hear some thoughts.

    I am in the process of building another full blown marine system and im very interested in using the new GHL4 and doser 2.1 system including a director.
    My list is so far as follows:
    Profilux 4 ultimate set.
    Power bar 5.1 ( i may need a 3rd depending on how the dosers and director requires power)
    doser 2.1 slave 4
    doser max slave
    KH director with 2.1 slave
    magnetic stirrer x3
    tube holder 4 x2
    sensor holder 4
    floater level sensor x4
    splitter cable for level sensors
    level sensor holder x2
    magnetic level sensor holder x3
    leak interface
    leak sensor x2
    I would also like to include a break out box to control fans in the cabinet.

    I have written now twice to GHL sales requesting a quote for the full system and I’m yet to hear back from them

    Just for some background info
    This will be on a new 5x3x2 peninsula which will be approx 250-260G total volume.

    I will be running full ati light (10x54w)

    I have 2 brand new laguna 9000 return pumps
    1 laguna 9000 running my bubble kind skimmer
    1x 75w re 3 speedy dc pumps as closed loop in sump to run uv, chiller and then extra flow into my media section.
    I will run my teco chiller of mains and not through the computer to avoid any on/off issues.
    I’m planning on running 4 x qp16s as wavemakers
    I have a uv that I will run in intervals as required
    I think that’s about it.

    Any recommendations would be awesome.

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    Hello -
    Thanks for reaching out; Feel free to PM me with the details of your reaching out. I wonder what happened to your request.

    Just a quick glance at your list;
    The KHD & Doser share a power supply with a Y cable adapter.
    Also those are what I would consider always on devices, personally that’s what I use the always on port on the PB5.1 (with a power strip if needed)
    You’ll need a couple of PL-LY cables to split your level sensors

    You mentioned that you have a 75w RD3 - are you referring to the 80w?

    Are you located in the US?
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    I would look elsewhere for magnetic holders. The GHL design is flawed in multiple ways: no rubber to increase friction between holder and glass; acrylic holder rubs directly on your glass/acrylic sump surface so no protection from scratches; magnet is under powered (not rare earth metal type); thumbs screws are difficult to turn; cheap build quality. The sensor holders slide around on my glass sump surface with very little effort. Great sensors and controller though!
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