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SPS Collector 16 pack (TGC, RRC, RR, DFS, Rte 66, TSA, CC, Snipersps)

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Apr 4, 2016
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$650 shipped - these are ready to go, if you are ready...

Screenshot_20240324_191141_Lightroom for Samsung.jpg

Front (l to r) - TGC Bugatti, ASD Rainbow Mille, TGC Red Wing Mille, DFS Pink Panther, CC Bahama Mama, Snipersps OG Voltron Mille
Rear (l to r) - RRC Rainbow Splice, RRC Supreme (XL)
Screenshot_20240324_191100_Lightroom for Samsung.jpg

Front (l-r) TGC Inferno, TSA Princess Peach, RR Garden of Eden, CRT Toxic Lemonade, Rte 66 Merlins Staff
Rear (l to r) - TGC Pearly Gates, RR Bleeding Avengers, TSA Ultimate Sunset Mille
Screenshot_20240324_191025_Lightroom for Samsung.jpg

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