Tank breakdown(Neptune apex Ddr, Cor20, eb832, Ecotech, Skimz, Eshopps)


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Feb 5, 2020
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Waukesha, Wisconsin
Breaking down one of my setups, so have some extras to get rid of. Prices are shipped and firm!! All equipment other than leds, was purchased new 7 months ago. Open to trades for a cLear water or pax algae reactor, Cor20 or M2, or Orphek Atlantik v4 or compact.

Neptune Apex EL setup—includes 1x eb832, EL wifi brain, and temp probe. I broke the ph probe accidentally today. —$SOLD$

Neptune Apex Cor20— basically brand new!! used for one day before switching to Hydros.—$325 shipped FIRM!! saves you $$$ and the wait for stock.


Apex Pm1 module—$SOLD$ shipped

Apex PM2 module with salinity probe(wet)—$SOLD shipped

neptune Apex ATk v2–opened and put in my salt statio RO tank for a day before removing.—$SOLD shipped

Xtra Neptune apex EB832– $SOLD shipped

neptune apex DDR clean excellent condition-$SOLD$$ shpped

vertex omega 150 skimmer with new pump motor, and auto neck cleaner.(skimmer has a small crack in base that does not affect performance, I’ve been using it for a while like this. $SOLD shipped

Skimz Monster Sm161 skimmer-

2x Like new, 1 month old MP40qd with original boxes and Limpet wide flow nem guards($40), and controller mount—SOLD

Eshopps ADV300 advance series refugium sump, 7 months old. LOCAL P/U ONLY.
$250 obo

2x Ocean Revive T247 Arctic panel LEDs, unknown age, but work flawless and put out serious par. Also includes wireless remote.

Ecotech vectra S2, purchased 3 months ago, used for two weeks before upgrading. Comes in original box.
$SOLD 1D7EB85C-2578-4CA5-82B3-8091C5D017EF.jpeg 8636A11E-0143-4438-B88B-08BE447497AA.jpeg
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