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Tank breakdown - Vectra L2, Radions, Kessils, Reef Octopus Elite Skimmer 8"

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Jan 30, 2019
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Alas time to breakdown the tank. Prices include shipping. Some have original boxes, some do not. I will try my best to find the boxes. G5 Lights are a few years old. Elite skimmer is a beast - super silent and ultra microbubble action.

1 - Vectra L2 pump $450. Barely used. Was kept as backup to my main L2 pump.
4 - g5 XR30 blues. $600 each. Discount only if you buy all 4. I will throw in a mount with each light.
1 - g4 xr30 pro blues. SOLD used for 5 years. Mount included
2 - g4 xr15 pro blues. SOLD used for 5 years. Mount included
2 - kessil 360x. SOLD each
1 - kessil wifi dongle - SOLD
1 - kessil flexible arm - $20 (local pickup only or shipped with other lights)
1 - Kessil H160 Tuna Flora LED Algae Grow Light $150
1 - Elite 200SSS 8" Super Space Saver Cone Protein Skimmer - $650

20240216_081155.jpg 20240216_081148.jpg 20240216_081140.jpg 20240216_081101.jpg 20240216_081033.jpg 20240216_081024.jpg 20240215_120003.jpg 20240215_120010.jpg 20240215_120020.jpg
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Sep 30, 2023
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Take any less on the skimmer? I’ve been looking for a regal200sss as my sump is cramped and I have the 200 regal now. I’m in Austin tx. How far away are you ?

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