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Sep 2, 2020
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Key largo
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Unfortunately an unexpected move is causing us to have to sell our tank. Everything related to the tank comes with it. Main components: 150 gallon custom tank and stand/canopy, all livestock, tons of softies, 6 chromis, firefish, breeding pair of clowns, powder blue, tomini, Red Sea sailfin, solar wrasse, male blue star leopard wrasse, male mandarin, scribbled rabbit fish, melanurus wrasse, yellow coris, watchman goby, diamond goby, royal gramma, cleaner shrimp, fire shrimp, spawning rock flowers, 3 viparspectra lights (all less than 6 months old), 1 marsaqua light, 40 gallon sump, reef octo 202-s skimmer, 2 brs dosing pumps and mixing jug kit, hanna checkers (ph, alk, nitrate, copper, phosphate ulr), tunze 3155 ato, brs dual reactor, refugium light, homemade algae scrubber, complete quarantine setup (20 gallon, filter, pvc hides, medication), eflux current 6011 return pump, maxspect gyre fx350, two hydor koralia pumps, 24w uv sterilizer, appogee par meter, brute 44g trash can for mixing water, aquafx barracuda rodi system, and a ton more. Not wanting to part things out at this time. Message me for any more info, $3,500 obo located in Key Largo.

4AADFF48-89D5-47DA-B396-D7365379261E.jpeg BF57BC9B-DC2B-425C-B8CE-FCF6F14DE5FA.jpeg B4B21C5D-097C-4576-8DB5-58C7FD245666.jpeg 3ECF7ED7-D496-4B40-BB4B-B40288A983CF.jpeg 8A5FAC01-B2CB-4D7F-81A8-B7F3A706F908.jpeg 0D72ED32-8985-4846-BA9B-3D15E33DBD29.jpeg
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