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Fluval 13.5
$400.00 to $500.00

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I’m currently selling my fluval evo 13.5. It comes in tank media basket, heater, ai prime light, sicce return pump, and a few frag racks. Live stock include frostbite clown and mocha storm clown, fire shrimp, e-mails crab, hermit crab, a few acans, two gold/blue hammers each has two heads, orange/blue hammer, toxic green hammer, three head green frogspawn, one head orange octospawn, three head orange frogspawn, blue/green hammer all branching, torch coral and a rainbow lobo. Been neglecting my tank due to work and I can no longer care for it.

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  • Money

    Votes: 34 9.0%
  • Space

    Votes: 35 9.3%
  • Time

    Votes: 75 19.9%
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