TCK May 2020 Hybrid Flash/Live Sale Saturday and Sunday 23rd + 24th @ 12pm EST

Is this your first livesale?

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Apr 11, 2020
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Cheat Sheet for you guys to have all the corals you'll see during the sale.

Raptor Rainbow
TCK Amazing Rainbow
Sanjay's Grape Concord
TCK Orange Milli
BC Purple Flamingo
Dragon Eye
TCK Pikachu
Green Acro
TCK Goku
Sanjay's Leprechaun's Beard
RRC Hellfire Echinata
TCK Fireballz Goni
Amazing Japanese Acan
Aquaman Monti
TCK Firefly
TCK Two Faced Rainbow
RRC Marvin the Martian
Speckle Krak
TCK Ring of Fire
Fascination Favia
Beauty and the Beast
Blue Hornet
TCK OG Dragon
Megachrome Monti
TCK Insane Long Tentacle Gold
BK Chem Logan San
Frozen Hornet
Tutti Frutti
Bizarro Cyphastrea
TCK Blastwave
TCK Crazy Dragon
TCK Kaleidoscope
TCK Highlighter Tenuis
Cherry Garcia
TCK Wicked Flame Tip Goni
Japanese Huge Polyp Acan
TCK Purple Indo Gold
Black hornet mix
TCK Awesome Monti
Peach and Teal Favia
BC Therman's Rainbow
TCK Solar Beam
TCK Malaysian Tenuis to be named
ECC Burning Man Goni
Rainbow Incinerator
TCK Rose Acro
ARC Magic Dragon
Beach Bum Monti
TCK Dragonslayer Milli
ARC Proximo
TCK Ultimate Stag
CC pink constellations
Awesome Favites
TCK Future Release
JF Raja Rampage
TCK Lemon Limes
TCK Radiant Favia
ARC Fireworks Mini Colony
Yellow Cyphastrea
ARC Black Dragon
TCK Yellow Eye War Coral
Orange Rim Rhodactis
Weird Shortcake
Skittles Bomb Cyphastrea
ARC Master Yoda
Green Blasto
TCK Insane Orange Monti
Money shot
Rainbow Monti
Rainbow Infusion
BK Chem Creme de la Creme
Cat Eye
TCK Flamethrower
JF Fox Flame
Sunfire Grafted Cap
TCK Party Hat
Rainbow Hornet
TCK Ultra Pink Milli
TCK Picasso Rainbow
Purple Frogspawn
Everlasting gobstopper
Van helsings
TCK Master Torch Show
TCK Rimless Watermelon
GB Avatar Chalice
Sweet Zoa
TCK Wildcard
TCK Ultron favia
Yellow Tip Tort
TCK Cosmic Shortcake
Neon Tipped Hybrid Euphyllia
Mias pot of gold (maybe?)
Sweet Fuzzy Green Shag
TCK Grimlock
Singapore Acro
TCK Supernova
Pink Floyd
TCK Goji Berry
TCK Poisonberry Rainbow
TCK Two Faced Rainbow Red Side
TCK Wild Orenji
TCK Multi Colored Rhodactis
Super Novas
Reptar Cyphastrea
Sweet Milli
God of war
Spicy Lemon
TCK Juicebox
Hybrid Watermelon
TCK Red Splatter Chalice
Awesome TCK Indo Gold
TCK Amazing Rainbow Red Side #2
TCK Orange Acan
TCK Indo Tamer Torch
Shaggy Tenuis
Awesome pink paly
Insane RRC LV
BC Hyperberry
Tiny UC Dippin Dots
TCK Two Faced Rainbow Blue Side
TCK Pink Polyp Shortcake
WWC Kung Pao Monti
Black hornet
Bright Indo Green Torch
RR Rainbow Loom
TCK Pink Bear Acro
Blue Tip Tricolor
Sweet Favia
TCK Oddball Goni
TCK Odd Shortcake
Rainbow Yodas
ARC Goldfinger
TCK Glitter Rim Acan
Purple Tip Hammer
Utter Chaos
TCK Berry Nasuta
TCK Light Bug Litho
ARC Poinsettia
CC Needle in a Haystack
Greenbay Packer
TCK King Acro
Orange Zoas
TCK Fuzzy was a Bear
TCK Neat Acro
Baby Mythical Corals Eclectus Bounce Mushroom (no bubbles yet)
TCK Balrog
TCK Acroberry
TCK Red Titan Stag
Green Slimer
Paletta Tricolor
PC Rainbow
Blood Diamond
Vamp in Drag
TCK Rainbow Goni
TCK Amazing Rainbow Blue Side
TSA Bill Murray
TCK Suharsonoi
CC Firewalker Milli
Eagle Eye
Green Hammer
TCK Fuzzy Red Acro
Space Jam Stylo
Anthony's Pink Granulosa
TCK 4 Color WM
Red Hornet
TCK Wicked Wild Watermelon
Crazy Japanese Huge Polyp Acan
Space Invader Pectinia Large
lazer lemons
Darth Maul Favites
TCK Grapefruit
TCK Gold Medal
UC Dippin Dots
Scarlet Fever
God of war revolution
CG Cherry Bomb
WWC Red Ferrari
Crazy Japanese Acan
JF star gazers
TCK Lime Aquamarine Favia
TCK Lord of the Tenuis
Bennett's Yellow Tort
RRC Pink Cadillac
Emerald on Fire
SR Mighty Max
TCK Insane Convict Chalice
Seasons Greetings Monti
TCK Devestator
Red Acan
Awesome TCK Favia to be named
BSA Killshot
TCK Fire Ant
RRC Supreme
Awesome Japanese Huge Polyp Acan
Speckle Krak Cluster
Mystic Sunset Monti
TCK Cotton Candy Tenuis
Yellow Eye Red Goni
Japanese Acan
TCK Combustion Goni
TCK Rainbow Torch
A. Navini
Favites Forgot Name
Slowburn Monti
Mayan Sun Favia
TCK Maul
TCK Pink Immolation
TCK Pink Rainbow
Crazy T Monti
TCK Inferno
TCK Molten Core
Blue Tenuis
SKA Jackpot
TCK Lemonberry Chalice
TCK Golden Dragons
TCK Spaceballz Goni
PPE Cyphastrea
TCK Rainbow Passion
Burning Banana Stylo
Sweet Red Eye Favia
TCK Sunfire Acan
JF Crazy Fox
Sweet Tenuis
Gold Acan
TCK Pink Diamonds Acro
Ding Dang
TCK Burning Rim Favia
Tiny TCK Balrog
ARC Burning Bush
TCK Indo Gold
Mix Zoa
RRC Orange Passion
TCK Rainbow Fusion Stag
Rainbow Hornets
Sweet Pink Paly
Halle Berry
TCK Awesome Milli (to be named)
TCK Hyperion
Rainbow Paly
TCK New Dragon
Awesome Paly
Sweet Pink Favia
Golden Leopard
JF My Miami
TCK Candy Eye Chalice
Green and Purple Acro
TCK Toxic Rainbow Swirl
TCK Quantum Realm Acan
Sweet forgot name Paly
Rainbow Cyphastrea
TCK Airhead Sour
TCK Ultimate Tenuis
CC Full Tilt
Fender Bender Cyphastrea
Insane Japanese Huge Polyp Acan
Rainbow Echinata
UC Space Glitter Goni
TCK Sunflower
WWC Superstar
RRC Elektra
Bonsai Acro
Awesome Milli
Rainbow Acan
Todd's Torch
TCK Dragonfire
WWC Rainbow Blasto
Fuzzy Malaysian Tenuis
CC Cloudberries
JF Jolt
TCK Biohazard
Forgot name
TCK Volcano
Scrambled Egg
Cali Tort
TCK Pineapple Express Tenuis
TCK Lemoncake
TCK Sour Tie Dye
TCK Shag Tenuis
TCK Rainbow Explosion
Orange Peach Chalice
OG Purple Urkel
Super girls/ JF punch drunk
Cherry Tree Monti
Pink Zippers
Super saiyans
TCK Insane Plate
Mickey D
TCK Bloodlust
So no blowtorch???:(


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Jan 25, 2020
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They ran into a problem earlier trying to fix it so they can do bigger drops every half hour
I understand that, but we’ve been told that since 1:00. Waiting for 10 frags an hour to post is crazy. i was really hopeful on this sale. i think I’m going to throw the towel in


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Aug 11, 2019
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Doesn’t “resume” imply it was happening before? I don’t recall
I understand that, but we’ve been told that since 1:00. Waiting for 10 frags an hour to post is crazy. i was really hopeful on this sale. i think I’m going to throw the towel in
agreed. Hopefully the free mask I got this morning doesn’t prohibit me from getting a refund on my shipping module.


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Apr 12, 2018
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as soon as we're able to, we'll resume the larger sets on the half hour.
No worries!! It's a 2 day sale, you guys do what you have to! Not sure why people are in such a rush! Great corals as always from you guys!! I'm in it for the long haul!! Not much else to do these days anyways!!

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