The Ghost in the Aquarium

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Jun 29, 2022
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The Weedy Ghost Pipefish is one of the coolest “oddball” fish you will ever see. They come in a full range of colors and when young can be nearly transparent, but as they age, they take on darker colors and more intricate patterns. Their body shape is a miracle of natural camouflage; they are covered in weedy looking protrusions. Ghost Pipefish in general look a lot like other Pipefish (Ghost Pipefish have a genus all to themselves), but there are a few visual differences that are going to be insignificant to most observers.

Solenostomus paradoxus eats mostly invertebrates and these are great choices for food in the home aquarium too. Thawed meaty items like Mysis and Brine with additives like Omega 3, Garlic and Spirulina from Gamma Foods make good choices, Gamma Bloodworms are also usually accepted. For fish that are picky, you may have to rely on some live food to get them started eating. Nutramar offers Live Artemia Nauplii through your Local Fish Store, and that LFS may also have other live food available to you, Tubifex are a nutritious favorite (and can be cultured at home too!) Always feed live food with some thawed food and some quality pellets to help your fish segue onto nutrition that is easier to present. Click here to learn more

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Set it and forget it: Do you change your aquascape as your corals grow?

  • I regularly change something in my aquascape.

    Votes: 14 9.3%
  • I occasionally change something in my aquascape.

    Votes: 43 28.5%
  • I rarely change something in my aquascape.

    Votes: 72 47.7%
  • I never change something in my aquascape.

    Votes: 19 12.6%
  • Other.

    Votes: 3 2.0%