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May 5, 2023
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Orlando, FL
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After years of keeping various reef tanks, it was time to start a new one. The previous tanks were combined and moved to my parents when our kids were born. Since my mom has her own tank, she was able to allow us to move our Red Sea 450 to her house to babysit. She loves having the tank so much we have decided to let her keep it and start fresh.

The new tank is an Innovative Marine Lagoon 50-gallon AIO. This is probably one of my favorite tanks made. All the equipment including the tank are left over from previous upgrades. It will be running two AI Prime HD 16 lights and an Ice Cap nano skimmer. I will eventually add an ATO. I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible to allow my kids to help as they are showing a huge interest in it.

We started a few months ago by curing all the previous dry rock, creating the aquascape, and cycling the tank.

Our first two inhabitants are ocellaris clownfish that were quarantined. The tank seems to be doing great for the first week. All the fish in this system will be new to us as I don’t want to take my old ones from my parents. The good news is all my previous coral will be fragged and start a new adventure with us.

I plan to update this build thread every Friday.




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