Thinking of setting up a Zoanthid garden.

Discussion in 'Zoa Discussion (CLUB ZOA)' started by Fourstars, Mar 8, 2018.

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    So I have some extra glass and I thinking of building a 36x36 shallow zoa garden. my plan is to go sumpless with and HOB skimmer and bear bottom. I would like to include a collection of mushroom also. Do you think a Zoa/mushroom tank would work? Would the mushrooms over run the zoe's? I was thinking of having the zoas on the rock structure and the mushrooms attached to the glass bare bottom to make it easy to scrape and frag the encroaching mushrooms? What do you think of this plan?
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    I have had some green disco mushrooms next to raidioactive dragon eye zoanthids for a year now. They dont really fight, and dont grow into eachother. I think that your set up would work. As always if something gets too out of hand it is easy to frag
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