Three simple steps to dial in the Vertex CaRx! | BRStv Spotlight

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    Hey R2R’s !

    Today we’re spotlighting the Vertex RX-C 6D Calcium Reactor and in this video we show you how easy it is to dial in with three steps!

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    I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place or if I should start a whole new thread. So I have this exact reactor, brand new, sitting beside the tank, ready to go. (i have a professional dual stage regulator but I am watching BRS for a black Friday sale on the Carbon Doser) Here's my situation. I have a full GHL setup including the KH Director and have just gotten everything dialed in. It is as steady as a rock. dKH 8.5, Calcium, 455, Mag, 1400. Mag is a little higher but that appears to be where I need to be to keep it all perfectly steady. So... I'm scared. Do I mess with this and try to bring the Calcium Reactor on line and risk instability? Is there that much value in using the reactor over straight dosing? (other trace elements etc) And the big one, how do I swap over? The director will control either the dosing pumps or the reactor but not both. These are my thoughts at the moment in formulating some time of plan. After setting up the Calcium reactor and setting it to a minimum setting, change the KH director to control the Calcium Reactor, and set the director to test 8 times per day. At that point i would turn down my dosing pumps 10% and watch. If all went well, a week later, turn the dosing down another 10% and so on until the reactor is supplying the majority if not all of the alk, calcium and mag. That seems a bit backwards in my head but maybe not. It seems like I should leave the KH Director in charge of the dosers with a very minimal setting and let it let it adjust dozing to top off what the reactor does not. Either way, it sounds like I'm introducing instability and I have worked hard to get to where it is.
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    Pretty much in this same bout with you man! Subscribed!
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