Tommy's Crazy pods and Phyto!!! Weekend!! Best price anywhere!

Thomas Danho

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Jan 7, 2021
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Lake Elsinore
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Hey everyone!!!!

I HAVE TOO MANY PODS!!!! I have bigger bottles now! round 8OZ and have been loading these bottles like crazy trying to reduce the POD population in our systems!!!!
Order now and your bottles will be insanely loaded!!!!

I want to promote our new website so I have set it so we pay your tax on every purchase plus free second-day shipping!

We have the best pods! We have the best phyto! Get it now!!!!!
How can you go wrong with 2 bottles of pods for $40?!? with free shipping and now taxes??!?!


Hey if you still need phyto you can even buy our phyto on BRS!

Need more options?

How about eBay or Even Etsy?!

You aren't just getting any Phyto! Your getting Tommy's Phyto! The premium Phyto!

You always hear about Algae problems with people dumping chemicals and killing all their livestock, You don't have to do that! Dose live phyto and watch your algae disappear. The phyto will out-compete the nuisance algae in your aquarium and you will slowly watch your algae problem disappear while feeding your corals and remove contaminants from your water.

Want more color from your coral? Why not feed them something natural? Feed them the best Phyto from Tommy's Phyto!
We sell premium live phyto at low prices for the masses!

We make it easy to buy and with every purchase, we are now including Dosing syringes!
You can pay directly using Paypal, Send Payment to [email protected]. Please include your address.

You can pay with Venmo or Zelle, Just email Email [email protected] for more information

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