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May 23, 2016
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Yukon, OK
Selling complete set up for 2.5K. Will not split up, will not respond to messages or replies asking about individual items. Keeping this as a complete system.

180 gal tank - Aqueon 6’x2’x 25.25”
Custom Steel Stand - black gloss powder coated
Custom wood wrapping
180 LBS of dry rock - 3 large shelves
Kessil AP700 -4 years old
MP40 x2 with anemone covers
Digital titanium heater x2
Acrylic Heater brackets - Zen Reef brand
Trigger Sapphire 10 gal ATO container
Tunze ATO
Fluval SP6 return pump - 3434 GPH
Reef Octopus skimmer
Trigger Emerald 39 Sump
Surge Protector Power strip 12 outlet
Zen Reef algae holder
Mag float scrapper
Red Sea test kits
Hannah calcium
Hannah phosphate
Hannah alkalinity
Magnetic stirrer
Misc supplies

I also have a 300 GPD RODI system with booster pump I can let go for $200 with the tank 97B12EFE-773D-448F-B9FB-15D90EC885A2.jpeg 99A18B6F-655D-4042-8DF6-8198020D84F5.jpeg 4B036E54-3DA5-47EB-AC98-1498F481AAC4.jpeg 9FACFB60-7049-4DE1-8747-002947FCDF72.jpeg 2AFC166D-B48F-4A88-B651-AE8C8DD5959D.jpeg 33CABA32-1FED-4C5D-976C-4F0A8E6336AF.jpeg C58FAAC7-B18D-4952-8181-FE642B05AE4B.jpeg
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