Vortech MP40's, Power Monitoring & Maintenance Mode

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Dec 17, 2017
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Rehoboth, MA
Ok, so how do I work around this?
P4 with a Vortech Control Module controlling (4) MP40's.
Maintenance Mode 4 set to Power Monitoring
Maintenance Mode 3 set to ALL PUMPS STOP including the (4) MP40's.

Here is the issue...
During a power outage, I want the (4) MP40's to run in Constant Mode at 20% (GHL equivalent 51)
This I can do without issue. In the Vortech Control, set Maintenance Mode to 4, and set Maintenance to Constant 51.
I can also choose Maintenance Mode 3 also as shown below.
In the program pane, Maintenance is listed under "Number" but under "Mode", I can only set it for one or the other. Either "OFF" for the power outage, or
like below, "Constant" "51". I don't see a way to have both. Under "+ ADD" you can't add another Maintenance Mode. Also, you can't use sockets or
Programmable Logic to control Vortech's.

Any Ideas?


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