Waterbox 45.2 AIO and Sump area Dimensions

Discussion in 'Waterbox Aquariums' started by hotdrop, Feb 21, 2019.

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    Jan 29, 2019
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    I'm thinking of buying a 45.2 but I have some reservations about the design. It looks like the marine series is the 30.1 AIO with a few sump holes drilled in it but I'm trying to get some exact dimension to figure out what could fit in there, compatibility with existing waterbox 20 media baskets, etc.

    I'm looking to run this system with a skimmer and refugium and without those annoying filter socks so I'm trying to figure out what will fit where. Can I stuff a nano skimmer in one of the sock compartments or ever rotate the sump 180 degrees drain into that ATO compartment, remove the glass wall and pump out of what is normally the drain.

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    Hey, reach out to support@waterboxaquariums.com and they will happily give you all the diagrams of the systems, measurements etc :)
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