Would like to know more about the control interval on the Trident...



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Dec 3, 2017
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South MS
I love the Trident. Its been managing my dosing now for some time. Now I'd like to begin fine tuning the controls. But need some additional explanation in more laymen terms to make sure I'm understanding just what it is I'm doing when I start fooling with the range and limit settings on the Control Interval. Could someone break it down for me?

This all came from my readings beginning to drop. Although staying consistent, my parameters were reducing. Granted, my tank is growing. So overall dosing could increase. But now that I'm seeing success, I'd like to take advantage of more of the Trident's potential.

My ALK is set for 8 dkh. My CA is set for 400. I'd like to keep it as close to that as possible.



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Nov 5, 2013
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Mentor, OH
I don't know exactly what it does other than decrease or increase dosing to hold as close as possible to the numbers you initially set up. One thing to be careful of is if your actual ALK or CA drop out of the range given to you by the Trident. The DOS then defaults back to your initial value, which could cause your ALK/CA to either increase or decrease very quickly. For example, if you initially set your ALK to 8.4 and you tell it you would normally dose 50 ALK, you will get a range of 7.9 to 8.9. As long as your ALK readings are in that range, the Trident will tell the DOS to dose as much ALK as needed to keep your number as close to 8.4 as possible (staying within the min and max numbers they give you). If your ALK raises to 9.0, the Trident is going to default back to your 50 ALK, regardless of your ALK reading, until it is back within the allowable range. I have run into trouble when my ALK is dropping for whatever reason and it falls outside of my range which then tells the Trident to revert back to my initial number of 50, which is much lower than it was dosing previously to keep it from dropping....which then makes the ALK drop even quicker. Hopefully this makes sense lol. I constantly go back in and adjust my dosing numbers to make sure the min and max are where I need them to be.

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