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Jun 10, 2022
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Ok I just upgraded tanks and on the transfer managed to nuke all the SPS except for a lone orange digi...This put me in the hunt for some new corals. I tracked down a gent that said he had some so I travelled across the island and paid him a visit... he sat me down and asked how many pieces I would like, what colors and types...I told him roughly what I wanted then sat and waited. He said he had to collect them from the holding tank. After awhile I am told the corals are ready to see. His son had flippers, snorkel hammer and chisel and was finishing up delivering the pieces. I selected 20 sps and paid him USD$37.. I happened to stumble across a coral supplier to the export trade, how lucky was I? The small community have export fish corals the works...the large concrete tanks are for the fish. I know of a few coral exporting buisnesses so I will apporach them to see if they wiill let me take a short video of their side of it and then you can see where alot of your coral comes from..
As you will also notice i have no idea on placement but we will see how it goes

IMG_5678.jpg IMG_5675.jpg IMG_5676.jpg IMG_5679.jpg IMG_5702.jpg IMG_5705.jpg 1a.JPG

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