Zoa packs and Neptune bounce mushrooms


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Aug 14, 2017
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I have a bunch of zoa frags I would like to clear out. A pack of 5 frags is $125. Each frag will have at least 4 polyps.
What I have available:
A: God of war
B: Armor of god
C: Nirvana
D: Bloodsucker
E: Playboy Bunny
F: Yellow Vamp
G: Devil's Armor
I also have several frags of black lotus from the other photo.
I can also frag a piece of the birdsnest in the first photo for $15 extra.

I also have several Neptune bounce mushrooms available ranging from dime sized to quarter sized. Asking $100 for one of them.

Local pickup is preferred but I am willing to ship with shipping paid by the buyer. If you want both a zoa pack and mushroom I'll cover the shipping cost.
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