Feeding Fish and Corals

Feeding Fish and Corals

I have seen many videos and articles from people around the world making their own food recipes, the general Idea is to mix all different foods together so that each fish and coral have their daily nutritional need.

My Tank is a 180 Gallons reef tank with emperor angelfish, purple tang, yellow tang, blue hippo tang, some clowns, wrasses, gobies and anthias. The angelfish and tangs are eating machines and need verity of mixed and nutritional food to keep them healthy and boost their immunity. When the fish is eating high quality food their appetite will increased, they will have better chances fighting diseases.

Regarding Coral feeding, my tank is full with SPS corals, and few LPS. I only target feed Goniopora and Blastumusa corals, as I will explain later in this article. Corals need food also for the best growth and coloration especially in low nutrients systems where there is almost no food and the aquarist may risk starving the corals to death

I feed my fish 4 times a day 2 times with my DIY food mix and 2 times with dry food. Keep in mind that you will need to adjust the quantities and frequency of food as your tank size and fish consumption. Just make sure not to sky rocket your Nitrate and phosphate levels. So here is how I make my food for both fish and coral. Feel free to modify it to your own needs and ingredients availability

Auto Feeder Food Mix

I mix the following:

- Ocean nutrition Formula 1 pellets

- Ocean nutrition Formula 2 pellets

- new life spectrum THERA +A pellets

- PE Mysis pellets

All these dry foods are mixed together with Equal portions and filled inside Neptune AFS. I use AFS while I am at work to keep the fish will feed. It works for 2 feedings each feeding have a couple of drum rotations. In this way I make sure that other small and shy fish have something to eat after the big guys are full.

Frozen food mix recipe


- 250 gm Shrimp

- 250 gm White Fish Fillet (I use red spot emperor) you can replace with anything available

- 250 gm squid with tentacles

- 250 gm Octopus

- 500 gm mix of oysters/ clams / Mussels/ Scallops, the last patch was made with 250 gm clams and 250 gm Mussels, I like to use Oysters but it was not available when I made this last patch.

- 10 sheets sea weed


Clean and wash all the Ingredients and cut into bits, then put them in a bag and Freeze for 1-2 hours, freezing will make the job a lot easier for the food processor.

Process the food with food processor or meat grinder, it is processed frozen, with no liquid or water added, stopping from time to time to check. If the pieces are too large, your fish may not eat them and it will collect on your substrate, polluting the tank.

You need to cut the food in all the different sizes so all fish and corals can eat. You can prepare coarser food for larger fish, finer food for smaller fish, and puree food for corals.

After that it is time to add the sea weeds, I use A mix of Two Little Fishies green and Red sea weeds, just crush them and cut them into bites and mix with a spoon with sea food mix.

Now the mix is ready to be put in a zip locks bags, flatten them and put them in the freezer until they are completely frozen.

After freezing remove the flat mix and cut it to 1cm cube, and then put it back in zip lock bags and freeze them

Feeding frozen food mix

I Like to rotate food and mix different ingredients with different particle sizes to feed all the fish and corals, I use different Ocean Nutrition Foods

The main ones used from the list, I use 3 cubs from each

- Mixed DIY Food as the recipe above

- Ocean nutrition Artemia or super shrimp

- Ocean nutrition Mysis

- Ocean nutrition Cyclops

- Ocean nutrition Angel Formula

Other frozen food used 1 cube (sometimes I don’t use them all)

- Ocean nutrition Formula One

- Ocean nutrition Formula Two

- Ocean nutrition Fish eggs

- Ocean nutrition Red Plankton

- Ocean nutrition Rotifers

- Ocean nutrition Spirulina Formula

Make sure to cut the Angel Formula, Formula One, Formula Two and Spirulina Formula To bite size

All these frozen food goes into this beaker and let it slack in the refrigerator, it is covered with plastic wrap. This quantity is enough to feed my tank for 3 - 4 days. Make sure to adjust the quantities as your need.


After slacking overnight, I add few drops of the following

- American Marine Selcon

- Brightwell Aquatics Vitamarin-M

- Brightwell Aquatics Vitamarin-C


- Seachem Laboratories Garlic Guard

And then mix very gently as 1 or 2 turn max so that the food isn’t crushed. You can replace these products with any other products as you like, we just need to boost the food nutritional value.

Then I feed this mix 2 times a day each time with 1 table spoon of the mix. Keep the mix all the time covered at the refrigerator. I use this mix to broadcast feeding fish and corals

Feeding Video

Coral Target Feeding

For target feeding my Goniopora and Blastumusa.

- ½ tsb Two Little Fishies Goniopower

- ½ tsb Coral Frenzy `The Ultimate Coral Food`

Mixed together with some tank water and then target feed the corals using a turkey baster twice a week

Target Feeding Video

Feeding schedule

7:30 15 ml of frozen food mix
11:00 auto feeder 2 drums rotation
16:00 auto feeder 2 drums rotation
20:00 15 ml of frozen food mix,

Thinking to change the auto feeder to be one at 13:00 instead of two

And That's it !!! hope you find this information useful and your fish is fat and healthy :D
About author
Fadi is an Advanced reefer from Jordan and currently live in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia. Keeping a reef here in this part of world is not an easy task. most of the equipment are bought from the USA, and shipped them to Saudi Arabia. He is helping local fish stores to order live stock from well known Indonesia and the Philippines coral and fish exporters.

Fadi loves Angelfishs and Acropora, and always wanted to make a reef tank to hold them all. he created a 180 gallon tank that hold many angelfish and sps corals species in 2016. his tank was chosen by Reef2Reef to be Reef of the Month for April 2018.

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