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Today I’ll Talk about my latest fish Addition to my Reef Tank , Venustus Angelfish.

The Venustus Angelfish or Purple Masked Angelfish, or Paracentropyge venusta, is one of the rare fish species, but it is becoming more available recently in the aquarium fish industry. It is expert only fish, reef safe with caution. In my tank, it rarely nip on Acropora corals. But leave other corals and clams alone.


It is a shy fish, and it took 3 weeks for it to start coming out of the caves in my tank.

Venustus angel Usually found in caves and deep reef slopes; it needs to be acclimated, to bright light of the home aquarium. Requires open rock structure, with some caves and overhangs. It has bright yellow body, with the purplish/blue triangular patch over the eye, and saddle across the back.

The Venustus Angelfish is a very picky eater. In the wild it naturally eats sponges, but it can be trained to eat frozen foods with time and patience and careful acclimation to aquarium life, it is better to be added to well established aquarium so the fish can find some sponges to eat. And it should be fed Angelfish Formula that contains sponge as well as frozen mysis shrimp and spirulina.

Update 29/12/2018: Now I have been Keeping the Venutsa Angelfish for almost 5 months, it started recently to feed on flakes and the fish is doing great in my tank.

After some farther research, It appears that there are few other Synonyms for the scientific name for this fish.

Originally It was named “Holacanthus venustus” then it was named Sumireyakko venustus, Centropyge venustus and Paracentropyge venusta. My research showed that Centropyge venustus in not a valid Name and should not be used.

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Fadi is an Advanced reefer from Jordan and currently live in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia. Keeping a reef here in this part of world is not an easy task. most of the equipment are bought from the USA, and shipped them to Saudi Arabia. He is helping local fish stores to order live stock from well known Indonesia and the Philippines coral and fish exporters.

Fadi loves Angelfishs and Acropora, and always wanted to make a reef tank to hold them all. he created a 180 gallon tank that hold many angelfish and sps corals species in 2016. his tank was chosen by Reef2Reef to be Reef of the Month for April 2018.

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