Making testing easy with a magnetic stirrer

Making testing easy with a magnetic stirrer

As we all know testing our system can be time consuming and challenging. Did I time the test, right? Did I count the drops, right? Did I shake the vile long enough?

After some thought, I started looking around for a way to simplify the shaking, dropping, and adding the reagent and I came up with using a lab magnetic stirrer. I use Red Sea test kits and also, I have also tried test on Salifert test kits using their vials and it works too.


· Magnetic stirrer, I went with is the Apera Insterments link

· I have also use the SR Aquaristik Speed Test great portable tester link

· 20 ml beakers for regular tests link

· 10 ml beakers for small volume milliliter tests link

· Tweezers to pull the stir bars out of the vials and beakers link

· Silicone bakers mat, yes it is over kill but I have found that the reagents eat through cotton towels and discolor wood desk tops link

· PTFE stir bar white, 10 mm and 5 mm. What I did, is order a 7pc set to get the sizes I needed. link

Here are the traditional test Red Sea videos




Here is how I am now doing my test with the stirrer.

Using the Apera Stirrer

Using the SR Aquaristik Speed Test

I log my test results using my controller software and use my thread as a sort of journal to post my results there.

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