New Year, New Giveaway: Win a DELTEC Skimmer! - A R2R Exclusive Contest


Hi Fellow Reefers,

Robert, Kelly, and the rest of the crew are hard at work filming new Marine Depot videos to release in the New Year.

We wanted to invite you all to join us on our adventures in reefkeeping in 2018 by subscribing to our YouTube channel!

Once you subscribe (or if you are already a subscriber), reply to this thread with your YouTube username along with 1 topic or product you'd like us to cover in the New Year!

On 2/1/18 we will choose 1 lucky R2R member/MD YouTube subscriber from this thread to receive a FREE Deltec SCA 1351 Protein Skimmer—a beast of a skimmer and a $379 value!

We'll also send a snazzy Marine Depot T-shirt and some handy plug labels to 5 random R2R members just for helping us out with fresh content ideas. :D

Thank you in advance to everyone for participating and GOOD LUCK!

Warm regards,

Jeff @ Marine Depot


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