1. ReefStache

    ReefStache January Newsletter & *GIVEAWAY*

    ReefStache January newsletter: New “Feed Your Coral” GIVEAWAY - link and details in the newsletter. #reefstache #feedmycoral #coralfood #algaebarndiscountcode #AlgaeBarn #quantum #quantumusa #coralcane #GIVEAWAY #reefstachenewsletter
  2. CoralsAnonymous

    12 Days of Reef-Mas! Daily Giveaways from Dec 12-23!

    12 DAYS OF REEF-MAS GIVEAWAY Your Corals Anonymous family is EXCITED to be giving back to this AMAZING community this holiday season! 12 LUCKY WINNERS will have a DAILY chance at winning up to $2,000+ worth of corals with FREE shipping from Dec 11-23! It’s SUPER easy to enter & total value...
  3. INKBIRD_official

    GIVEAWAY and 50% OFF COUPON!Celebrate The 12th Anniversary Of INKBIRD

    ALL PRODUCTS will be having 50% off during the day and we will also hold a wonderful ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY!:star-struck: To enter, 1、LIKE this post and LEAVE your birthday wishes below. 2、FOLLOW 'INKBIRD' page on Facebook. 3、FOLLOW @inkbird_official on Instagram. Two winners (Choose one from...
  4. OuteastREEFS

    Malaysian Master Torch Giveaway!!!!

    FYI If you don't have Instagram your entry will still be valid through checking out for the free giveaway ticket option via your email. Drawing will be done via Instagram live on August 28th Good luck
  5. J

    Giving away Harlequin Shrimp

    Hi fellow Uk Reefers, I have a harlequin shrimp that i am looking to give away to a better home. I am based in Kent If anyone is interested, please let me know.
  6. ReefStache

    Reef Tank Giveaway - time is running out!

    Don’t miss your chance to win a complete CADE Aquariums 500 reef tank loaded with gear, fish, coral and supplements! $8k worth of giveaway prizes for one winner! Must be 13 years old to enter and reside in one of the CADE shipping regions; USA, Australia, UK, South Korea and India. You get one...
  7. goldfish423


    Another wonderful tank giveaway Give all these wonderful folks some love!
  8. xtravism

    CADE 8k Aquarium Giveaway Just click the link!

    All you have to do is enter your email and name for a chance to win!
  9. A

    Who else is wanting an update/build progress of last years BRS Dream tank giveaway?

    Man, I was so stoked about last years dream tank giveaway from BRS! They hyped the heck out of it and rightfully so. I mean, it was crazy! I was so disappointed when they called the winner as there was no real excitement. I would have been much more energetic about winning such an amazing prize...
  10. AlgaeBarn

    Win a Kessil AP9X and a CADE 500 at Reefstock!

    Visit Kessil's booth (109) at Reefstock and sign up for a chance to win the awesome AP9X and 500 REEF combo!!
  11. Waterbox Aquariums

    It's Almost Time to Give Away a REEF LX!

    Hello R2R, Join us today as we check in on the REEF LX 320.7 + take your questions LIVE about tomorrow's HUGE giveaway! We've finally made it to December— that means it's almost time to wrap up our 'A Guide to Large Reef Aquariums' giveaway and draw our grand prize winner! Join us to take...
  12. ReefChasers

    How about a give away? Win Free Reef Candy/Phytobloom & Sticker Pack!

    Check our Reef Chasers Black Friday Sale Thread (page 14) for give away details -- please make your post in that thread!
  13. Waterbox Aquariums

    Blue Friday 2021 | Giveaways, Discounts, All-Day Educational Streams, New Products and More!

    Hello R2R, This Friday, November 5th, we will kick off our annual Blue Friday event! What does that mean for you? We're giving away aquariums, swag and more ALL DAY LONG with many ways to win! - Aquariums, gift cards and swag will be given away during each livestream via YouTube and...
  14. noopsyche

    Easy Gain!! 140watt reef light Giveaway ***Get 25% OFF code***Worth 500$ prizes

    (One thing we regret is that few R2R reefer know our giveaway events. So we hope that more people can participate this event and following us ;)) THE PRIZE: PRIZE 1: $298 140watt led reef light+$69 controller(1 WINNER) PRIZE 2: $100 Gift Cards(2 WINNER) Participation...
  15. ReefChasers

    Reef Chasers Red Sea Reefer XL 525 Give Away Contest!

    Stay tuned for details -- I figured I should confer with the admins;)
  16. MaxTremors

    Get free K7 V3 reef lights to record your reef coral tank growth!!!Noo-psyche is coming again giveaway event!!!!

    Here is my 28g tank. It’s a JBJ Nanocube (currently battling some derbesia/bryopsis).
  17. Waterbox Aquariums

    Want to Win a $100 Waterbox Aquariums eGiftCard TODAY? Join the WATERBOX + LIVING REEF ORLANDO Live Stream!

    Good morning, R2R! We will be going LIVE today at 1 PM EST with the one and only Ann of @Living Reef Orlando as we add in our new LPS corals to the REEF LX 320.7 and discuss their care. Join us and engage in the comments for your chance to win a $100 Waterbox Aquariums eGiftCard today! CLICK...
  18. Waterbox Aquariums

    We are Giving Away a CUBE 10 Today!

    Hello, R2R Family! Join today's livestream at 1 PM EST for your chance to win one of our incredible CUBE 10 aquariums or a $100 Waterbox Aquariums eGiftCard. We'll be selecting two lucky winners from the livestream-- come catch the fun, it may be your lucky day! :D Valid in USA, Canada...
  19. AlgaeBarn


    There is still time to get get all your entries in to win a spectacular giveaway!
  20. AlgaeBarn


    2 weeks left to enter in the Christmas in July giveaway! Click on the link below to register and earn entries today! So many awesome extras included like a Kessil AP9X, Tunze skimmer, Bulk Reef Supply Gift Card, Fritz salt and...
  21. INKBIRD_official

    {GIVEAWAY} THREE WINNERS - to win a WiFi ITC-306A controller, a 300W submersible heater, and a LED blue light bulb

    GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Huge thanks for the enter! The winners are drawn by a wheel generator. Congrats to @Kershaw to win a WiFi ITC-306A Temp controller. @unchaotic to win a 300W submersible heater. @Reefing_addiction to win a LED blue bulb. Please PM me to claim the prize! Happy reefing ;Cold...
  22. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA & Aquashella VIP Dream Giveaway! ***INSANE PRIZES***

    Hey guys and gals. We are honored to partner with Aquashella and R2R to bring you guys an AMAZING giveaway! The prizes include the following: Two airline tickets to Aquashella ($500 Max for each ticket and in the continental U.S. only) Hotel for two nights stay for two people at the Gaylord...
  23. TopShelfAquatics


    HOW ABOUT A GIVEAWAY??? Nice and easy... Post a picture of your past or present Halloween costumes (We will allow those of your children as well) On our TSA Spooktacular Sale Thread We will choose whichever one or maybe two are our favorites and those chosen will win a TSA Gift Card! We...

    Join ReefTide in fighting Breast Cancer! Check out our giveaway for breast cancer awareness!

    Hey R2R! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. Help us highlight the importance of breast awareness, education and research by entering for your chance to win the PB Chalice pictured below absolutely free, FedEx Overnight shipping...
  25. robsworld78

    GIVEAWAY - Robo-Tank Hardware for reef-pi

    Welcome to the world's greatest giveaway. :D ;Woot :eek: This is exclusive to R2R, it's open worldwide you can only win it here. The prize is a fully assembled Robo-Tank aquarium controller that runs on the reef-pi software, it has a value of $170 USD, you get what's in the image below. To be...
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