Usage for hash tag: mod

  1. Billldg

    iOS app Login Issue

    Only a #mod can delete a thread.
  2. TheHarold

    The Mindstream is ALIVE!! I'm getting mine soon! more forthcoming with the results.... Could you tell me whether your Mindstream functioning as intended, OP? I can’t figure out how to tag you LOL, there are too many Daniels and I can’t use “@“ or it ends the results. Maybe a #mod could help me figure out how he is tagged lol @[email protected]
  3. Billldg

    New Member Q: Editing/changing Username

    Welcome to R2R!!! #mod
  4. Dierks

    **** R2R Par Database ****

    Just ran into this! What a fantastic resource, I hope this will continue to grow. Worst case scenario, maybe more people will chime in with more info with a bump ;)