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  1. AFHokie

    Lifegard Crystal 25 Build

    Thanks for the move, #MODS!
  2. AFHokie

    Lifegard Crystal 25 Build

    Realized I should be in the Nano Tank category. Can a mod move this thread over for me? Thanks! #MODS
  3. AquaKey

    Reef Pi / Robo Tank Lighting - Help Needed

    #MODS - Could you please move this to DIY --> Reef Pi forum, I accidentally posted in the wrong forum. Thanks!
  4. L

    Tunze 3181 Algae Reactor

    #MODS sold please lock
  5. Billldg

    How to move a thread?

  6. fishguy242

    Editing your threads tilte

    have seen a few changed recently... ;) #MODS ??
  7. A Young reefer

    Guide to Common Hitchhikers in reef tanks.

    #Admins #MODS please remove this image: and replace it with the following maintaining layout and format if possible: Photo Credit: HANNAH STEWART, UCSB
  8. fishguy242

    Questions for selling/buying on here?

    hi ,welcome to the reef... :) let's ask the #MODS for help here.
  9. Devaji

    why dont we have R2R build contests? 2-3 years ago here and it got shut down fast. anyway I think it would be fun and great way to interact with R2R and other reefers. #MODS lets do this! some ideas for the builds. ~pico challenge ~nano challenge ~ supper budget build ~ under X amount challenge ~ SPS grow out...
  10. Cell

    My three year old killed my FOWLR tank with a can of coke.

    Can this get moved to the chemistry forum #MODS? I feel like Randy or someone else might have a better idea of what exactly caused the deaths and how to fix. Would it be a pH increase from the soda? If it were me, I'd perform a 100% water change and observe. If you are starting a new tank...
  11. L

    Kessil A Arms (2)

    #MODS please mark as sold and close
  12. Jarbour14

    Massachusetts Selling Rock

    #MODS pls delete
  13. Jarbour14

    Massachusetts Aquarium Equipment Sale

    #MODS please delete
  14. maroun.c

    CONTEST Dec 2021 POTM Winner @NR53

    congratulations @NR53 for winning Dec 2021 POTM contest "Red and/or Green" sponsored by Avast Marine. Please contact me Via PM to claim your prize. Congrats on a great photo and Thanks for participating #POTM #POTMWinners #MODS #RS
  15. Weasel1960

    Question for Mods on Reef-Pi Forum

    #MODS, @Peace River, @Billldg, any chance to get the Reef-Pi sub forum currently located under the DIY Forum cross linked into the Controller Forum. I think it might help most folks looking for info in controllers to find it.
  16. Cell

    EMERGENCY Is this ick

    Oh no. This should be in the disease forum with an emergency tag. #MODS @Jay Hemdal
  17. Cell

    Help identifying what’s wrong with my clownfish

    Can this be moved to fish disease forum #MODS
  18. Cell

    Help / Advice

    Did you quarantine at all? Not eating and fast breathing could be disease. Let's see if any #MODS are around that can move this thread to the disease forum and get more knowledgeable eyes on it.
  19. fishguy242


    hi maybe best #MODS combine this with EM thread.
  20. qhduong

    SPS Colony WYSIWYG $850 shipped ✈️

    This is a new member where their only 3 posts is the same review for this seller. I suspect they made a new account to spread fake reviews. Can #MODS check the IP and ban both account of true?