Usage for hash tag: MODS

  1. Arcticwolf

    Florida Nero 5 BNIB

    Sold, thank you! #MODS please close
  2. C

    California RRU angry bird for sale

    someone close this quickly please. feel bad for this guy. #MODS
  3. thereefingguy

    California RRU angry bird for sale

    Woah you should delete this.. your social security number is showing. #MODS
  4. Hemmdog

    Green on Tank Glass.

    This is not a tank emergency #MODS please move thread to aquarium discussion. Its Phyto plankton and a normal thing to have in a reef rank. Copepods will eat it as well as your trochus and turbo snails.
  5. IslandLifeReef

    This is ridiculous R2R! :/

    Bump #MODS and @revhtree
  6. M

    Beware of buyer @meinestrasse , doesnt return items after refund!!

    #MODS This is crazy. @leroy_jenkinz has posted my personal information. Please ban to protect other members from being taken advantage of.
  7. R

    Pennsylvania Kryptonite candy cane - p/u only

    Nice meeting you today, Dave. Sold, #MODS please close.
  8. Arcticwolf

    Florida AI Prime 16hd Reef BNIB

    Sold! Thank you, #MODS please close
  9. SuncrestReef

    Apex programming article moved?

    #MODS I just received a notification that part 1 of my Apex programming article series was moved to the "Aquarium Controllers" forum. Are all 8 of the articles being moved? I also noticed that the moved article no longer contains the table of contents with links to the other topics. I'm just...
  10. Mastiffsrule

    Attention Moderator

    #MODS evening. I tagged the mods so they would see this. I saw your early post. I am not sure which post you are speaking about, but I figured I would attach this recent thread if you missed it which may help
  11. Hemmdog

    California OG Mummy Eye chalice true mini colony

    Sold! #MODS please close thread
  12. MikeyD0182

    Vermont I’m selling my tank and all my equipment once all my corals and fish (livestock) sells due to recent health issues. (NOT CORONAVIRUS)

    Everything sold locally. #Admins #MODS please close this thread when you have a chance. Thanks in advance.
  13. CNDReef

    Massachusetts Hydros Wave Engine

    Sold #MODS please close
  14. O

    New York Euphyllias for sale pickup only

    #MODS we're all good. thanks!
  15. I

    Bad Experience with "Ilikefishies"

    ...Zelle has buyer protection. I said Venmo does now. It’s new for 2020 as an option for people you don’t know. I’m sorry you feel like I lied to you. Didn’t mean to offend. #MODS I’ve posted the detailed receipts showing that I shipped it exactly as promised. Please delete this thread. Best, John
  16. maroun.c

    February, 2020 POTM Voting Poll

    #POTM #POTMvotingpoll #MODS #RS Time to vote for Feb POTM Winner.
  17. Samina

    Sorry, where is the nps section again?

    #MODS This ^^^ 100% We need a NPS forum!!!!!!!!
  18. M

    Bad Experience with "Ilikefishies"

    #MODS please lock thread. I've made my case. Not interested in engaging further.
  19. M

    Bad Experience with "Ilikefishies"

    #MODS Seller posted his phone number in his original listing. It is still listed there. I'm not publishing anything that he did not already share.
  20. I

    Bad Experience with "Ilikefishies"

    ...cell number. I never said I wouldn’t refund you if the package never showed up. You’re completely jumping to conclusions being a psycho. Why don’t you try talking to me and I’ll happily get this sorted out for you. Lol. #MODS Wanna step in on this as he’s now posting my personal phone number
  21. W1ngz

    REEF2REEF APP Now Available! FREE!

    #MODS Maybe delete this thread? It's confusing people. @Gabriel Trifa check the post I made 5 minutes before yours.
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