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  1. SPR1968

    Hello I need administrative help please...

    I’ve asked if someone can sort this out for you #admin #MODS
  2. fishguy242

    PARTNER DRIVE 2022 Partner Drive Is OPEN! ($25,000+ In Prizes)

    i believe it is... :) get this man some help #MODS ,it's getting late across the pond...:D:cool:
  3. Miami Reef

    I want to upgrade my return pump…will I ruin my sump water level?

    #MODS #reefsquad Can you merge these 2 threads together?
  4. Anthony Scholfield

    Wisconsin SOLD Frag Tank CLEAR OUT……

    All gone! Thank you everyone! @mods #MODS please close.
  5. dbl

    SOLD Wooden Sea Creatures - SOLD

    #MODS...please feel free to close...these have been sold.
  6. Arcticwolf

    Ice Cap K1 Nano Skimmers

    Sold. Thanks, #MODS please close
  7. dwair

    It’s kinda disturbing seeing how many noobs kill aquatic life with their nano tanks….

    This thread needs to be shut down #MODS @Billldg @Peace River
  8. maroun.c

    CONTEST Jul 2021 POTM voting Poll: Top Down / Front Duo

    Few days left before voting end, submit your votes for Aug POTM! #POTM #MODS #RS
  9. Anthony Scholfield

    ECC Warp Drive Bubble Tip Anemone - New Farm Release

    I gave it a good read and could appreciate the things you said even if i wasnt in total agreement. You werent fighting or being rude, just giving a detailed reply to someone. The UNDUE CENSORSHIP here really chaps my hide. Come on #MODS @mods, get real. So disappointing.
  10. NowGlazeIT

    Can I put a jellyfish in my reef tank ?!

    Agreed #MODS a little help please
  11. WheatToast

    what is this and how do I get rid of it?

    Doesn't this thread belong in the Nuisance Algae (including bacteria) forum? #MODS
  12. P

    EMERGENCY Pre-Quarantined fish now gasping for air

    #MODS thank you for helping on the edit on the first post. I appreciate the help. However, I don't think it really corrected the main issue as his name is still in the title and the inaccurate information is still the same. Can one of you please contact me so I can offer text to add to the...
  13. P

    EMERGENCY Pre-Quarantined fish now gasping for air

    I can't edit anymore. Too much time has passed. I would have done that already if I could have. #MODS any help here?
  14. P

    EMERGENCY Pre-Quarantined fish now gasping for air

    ...though if something does happen from this event, at this point he will be outside the warrantee (although just). That's why I'd like the #MODS to delete this thread :). Or at least allow me to edit the title and my first post if that's possible. I don't want to give people the wrong...
  15. P

    EMERGENCY Pre-Quarantined fish now gasping for air

    ...He has assured me shipping of a conditioned fish instead of a quarantined fish can not happen based on how he is set up. He was very helpful, if not just hard to get a hold of. #MODS can you please delete this thread? I do not want to spread incorrect information about a vendor. Thank you.
  16. Cell

    Many dead fish

    You will need to provide more info than that. Lets see if we can get this moved to the disease forum and get some more eyes on it. In the meantime, check out the stickies in the disease forum and see what info you will be asked for. #MODS
  17. Arcticwolf

    SOLD Kessil H380, gooseneck and Shade

    Sold. Thanks, #MODS please close
  18. maroun.c

    CONTEST June 2021 POTM voting Poll: Macro Trio

    1 week left for votes, let's get those votes in. #POTM #MODS #RS
  19. Anthony Scholfield

    Wisconsin SOLD Zoa chunks WYSIWYG

    @mods #MODS please close
  20. Billldg

    POLL: Rate on average, how much do you trust what you read as OPINIONS on R2R as solid advice

    ...not agree with it, but does that make it wrong...HMMM!!! Between the many great members of this forum that help out, along with the #reefsquad, #MODS, @Randy Holmes-Farley, @Dana Riddle, @Jay Hemdal, we have enough great and AWESOME knowledgeable people to help reefers get thru their issues...