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  1. R

    Stocking 25G waterbox

    ...all my parameters have been cleared after multiple water changes. What do you all suggest I stock my 25 gallon Waterbox aquarium. This is what I have currently: -1 clownfish -2 hermit crabs -3 zombie snails #stocking #WaterBox #reefing #reefhelp #Reef2Reef #reef #saltwater #saltwateraquarium
  2. enlighten

    Nano Build enlighten's Nano Build

    What is this growing on my halimeda plant? #reefhelp
  3. R

    Stocking My New IM 80 Gallon

    ...Super excited!! Just got my Innovative Marine tank!!! What should I stock it with.... I defiantly want some tangs.. but what do you all think?? It will be a reef tank with Kessil lights as well. #reefing #stockingideas #reefhelp #reefsquad #Reef2Reef
  4. enlighten

    Nano Build enlighten's Nano Build

    Another shot from today, corals so amazing!! Wow If anyone has suggestions for that algae growing on the mushroom rock, I need #reefhelp on what to do
  5. R

    Show Fish for 25G Waterbox

    I have a Waterbox 25 gallon. What is a “show piece” or “center piece” fish I can put in that size aquarium?? #fancyfish #showfish #reefhelp #Reef2Reef #Reef4Life
  6. enlighten

    Nano Build enlighten's Nano Build

    Is it normal to have this much evaporation over night? Thought there was a leak but check salinity had gone up to about 37-38ppm. #reefhelp
  7. enlighten

    Nemo's in a Nano

    ...Nano 7.5g Reef tank. Is it too small? Can I get away with having one? Does keeping then alone make em unhappy? Is there any other tank mates that I can place with them. I am a newbie and keep getting conflicting information from my LFS, online peeps, but want to know what R2R thinks...
  8. enlighten

    Nano Build enlighten's Nano Build

    I have decided to replace the filter with an Aquaclear 20 when the time comes, but wanted to know why someone would run a larger model for their nano? #reefhelp
  9. R

    Adding Azure

    ...The tank is about 8 months old. Everything is going great!!! I want to add an Azure damselfish, I just LOVE the color. What are the chances these 4 fish can coexist ? What do you think the percent/chances are for the them to live together? Ryan #reefsquad #reefhelp #reefer #fishhelp
  10. supernanoguy

    Dino ID please

    #reefhelp #reefsquad might help.
  11. supernanoguy

    Kalkwasser in the ATO reservoir off jug, mix for 4 hours using power head then add that to the 5gal jug? Any help on mixing ratio in this situation would be great. #reefgang #reefhelp my system is mixed reef 8gal volume with a loss of alk at 10ppm / 2 days in the system. And my evaporation rate is around ~2 gals every week.
  12. supernanoguy

    My super nano tank

    ...Any help with lighting schedule on this system or Dino battling. I know about the blackout and hydrogen peroxide trick. Just wondering if I can do it with lighting schedule and perhaps dialing my skimmer back to allow more nutrients to stay in the system longer. #reefsquad #reefhelp Kevin.