40g breeder

  1. PirateMonkeyReefer

    Pirate Monkeys 40g SPS Dom Tank Thread

    OK, so I've got to start this somewhere. This is my rough plan for a 40g Breeder tank for my art studio where I work most of the day. I decided to somewhat accurately plan out this tank in Blender as I wanted to have an end goal and it also helped me roughly figure out what the budget will be...
  2. glendale789

    Starting @ 40gal Breeder

    172 days ago I added the water and setup the qtank - yesterday, 12/27/2019, I added corals. NOW it's official :cool: Water changes: 15% weekly Skimmer: No Chaeto: Yes PO4 - 0.05ppm (Hanna ULR Phosphate) NO3 - 4ppm (Red Sea Nitrate Pro) ALK - 8.3 (Red Sea Foundation Pro) CA - 425 MG - 1500...
  3. spyder813

    Spyder813 40G BUILD

    This is my first saltwater fish tank I'm making after many freshwater tanks I have through out the years. I decide to go with a 40g breeder and a 30 gallons sump. I start a thread on another page but this is the right page to keep the progress of my new adventure. I would like to thanks many of...
  4. Paaatz

    Paaatz's 40G SPS Breeder

    Hi there ! Been a while since I haven't been on the forum ! Had kind of a busy 2016 year. Although, I started my new 40G breeder tank on december 15th 2015. So tank celebrated its 1 year recently. Everything is going kind of great so far. Here's a little infos on the system itself. Tank & Sump...
  5. Idoc

    DIY 40g breeder sump design ideas - requesting expert opinions!

    Currently working on setting up my first saltwater aquarium and taking some time to work on my sump design while my live rock is curing. I've read tons on the forums about sump designs and finally sat down and drew out 2 sump proposals for my 40gal breeder sump...to be used on a 75g aquarium...
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