50 gallon lagoon

  1. M

    IM 50 ext w 32 gal sump Stocking Advice

    Hi, I recently purchased a 50 gallon aquarium by innovative marine and was wondering if my planned stocking list works for the aquarium. Any advice is apppreciate! My list: 2 storm clownfish, 1 Midas blenny, 1 flame back angel, 1 neon goby, 1 fire fish, 1 green chromis, 1 damselfish, 1 Bangaii...
  2. M

    IM 50 EXT w Sump Stocking advice

    Hi, I just purchased the IM 50 ext w an 32 gal sump and am thinking about what I will stock it with for future. My plan was having 2 storm clownfish, 1 Midas blenny, 1 flame back angel, 1 neon goby, 1 banggai cardinal, 6 green chromis. please let me know if this list works and any advice if you...
  3. GrizzReacts

    Stock ideas for a 50 - 65 gallon?

    Looking for fish that would be perfect for a beginner setting up a 65 gallon mixed reef would like fish I don’t have to rehome to a bigger tank
  4. WestonNanos

    Nano Build Weston's - Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 50 Lagoon

    Another build thread in less than 4 months. Lol, didnt expect to upgrade tanks for a while, but couldnt pass up the deal I got on this used tank. So I currently have running, a 14 gallon IM peninsula and I am going to transfer over all the rock corals and fish into this 50 gal. Before I do...
  5. Jterrell

    AIO Build JTerrell 50 gallon lagoon aio build

    Starting a build thread for my 50 lagoon. Tank should arrive at LFS on Tuesday. Custom stand should be done Wednesday. I currently have a 53 gallon setup with sump. I will be adding new Marco rock and seeding it with some rock from the 53 gallon. Sand and livestock will transfer over to new...