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50 gallon

  1. navada718

    Build Thread IM 50 gal lagoon

    What's up Reef2reef, I've been lurking for a couple months & Finally got started on my build for a AIO Innovative marine 50 gallon lagoon. Just finished my aquascape & now need advice on what reurn pump to get, along with power heads or wave makers. My 1st options are the vectra s2...
  2. Quttlefish

    Rising Nitrates in a cycling aquarium

    We've been cycling a 53 gallon saltwater aquarium for about 20 days now, using a Red Sea Reef Mature Starter Kit for adding the nitrifying and denitrifiying bacteria. Our setup includes live rock, live sand, a protein skimmer, and a biofilter media block. We have been cycling according to...
  3. reefmasterdomi

    Best frag tank

    Hi all, just looking for any opinions or experiences on frag tanks. i worked in a reef store recently so i get the jist, but i am about to purchase a low boy style frag tank like this, but i don’t really like the black rim around it. any suggestions for around 50 gallons? thanks all
  4. otyrrell

    Build Thread RedSea Max 250 - Mixed Reef 2020

    Ok, well I'm finally posting my build now that its been up and running for a year and I am upgrading to something larger. Tank is a RS 250 MAX - picked up used but in good condition. For filtration, I've added a custom algae scrubber to the right hand chamber, I use intank media basket...
  5. Reefnoob13

    CUC when to add

    My 50 gallon aquarium has cycled. My question is when I should add a CUC and what are recommendations for a CUC. I plan on having two clowns, Six line wrasse, Royal Gramma, and possibly one more (would like opinion for another) or concerns of list. I plan on just running soft corals to start and...
  6. TheWB

    AIO Build TheWB’s IM Lagoon 50

    Hello everyone, I joined the forum about a year ago and so far I’ve just been following a bunch of different threads, chiming in here and there, reading everything I can and just generally lurking. I’m finally ready after about 18 months of planning and accumulating equipment to start my...
  7. Nolan Shinn

    Build Thread Apartment reef

    This is the SCA 50 gallon system I bought off amazon to go in my new apartment. This is my 5th tank build, but first brand new tank and first time using a cube. Here’s the tank when it arrived. Well, a little after it arrived. I got excited and started opening boxes before I remembered to snap...
  8. Curryb15

    Recommendations for 50 cube

    hey everyone is looking for a few last suggestions for cool fish in my 50 cube. So far I have 3 fire fish, Banggai cardinal, melanurus wrasse, sand sifting goby, and a stary blenny. All fish are fat and healthy. I’m looking for a few more fish to complete my stocking list. I know I can get...
  9. E

    New to the hobby. Need help getting started! :D

    Hi there guys! So im new to the hobby and very interested in keeping a reef aquarium. I noticed my father had a an empty 50gal tank in his garage and felt I can put it to good use, its a normal tank with a fall back filter, hood light, and heater, I understand this filtration and light wouldn't...

    50 gal acrylic tank (niw), wet/dry, nano chiller, protein skimmer

    New still in wrap 50 gal acrylic aquarium, manufacturer: Clear for Life 36"L x 15"W x 20"H $200 Wet/dry filter, used less than 3 months then put in storage, has internal overflow box (via suction cups), hang on filter box with siphon tube and pre filter, bio media, ect. 24"L x 8"W x 14"H...
  11. B

    Is my sump large enough?

    I recently inherited a 50g tank (48" x 13" x 19")that had been used as a freshwater tank. It came with a 10g sump, completely unused - my relative never set it up, was just gathering dust in the attic. I'm not new to saltwater or reefing, but I am new to sumps - my 9-year-old BioCube has never...
  12. Francoreef

    Prime Growing sps???

    HEllo R2R Im going to need your guys help on this one. A little overview I am starting a build thread as soon as my Tank arrives i have ordered the 50 gallon starfire cube from SCA, I hope starfire glass is as good as people say it is as (i have never seen it in person). As of now i have...
  13. Curryb15

    Cube Build My 50 gallon slice of the ocean

    hello all name is Brian and this will be my official build thread. I'll share some of my background then we will get into the good stuff! My last saltwater tank was about 5 years ago when I lived with my parents. I went from a 30 gal to a 150 and nothing could stop me. If I remember correctly...